End-Scan Using the Scissor Motion

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg How to perform quick scissor motion end-scans.

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About the Scissor Orientation - Easy But Least Precise

This end-scan method is useful for ease-of-use and quickness, however it is the least precise of the techniques.

You can expect about 0.1 inches (2.5mm) of repeatability in end lengths when using this method for end scans.

We also recommend these techniques:

Measure Setup

  • Set System Options, Measure 2 Tab, "Maximum Number of LLP Points in String" to 3
  • Set Measure Setup - LASER Tab: The LASER defaults to ON for CYLINDERS and END-SCANS.
  • Set Measure Setup - LASER Tab: Cylinder stripes = 3 to 5
  • Set Measure Setup - LASER Tab: End-scan stripes = 5
  • Set Measure Setup - LASER Tab: Split bend stripes = 5
  • Set Measure Setup = Scan Rates Tab: Set all rates to TIMER for all scan types.
  • Set Measure Setup = Scan Rates Tab: Set the Scan Rates TIMER is set to 0 for all TIMERS.

How To Use This End-Scan Technique

  • Align the scanner with a slight scissor angle across the end as is shown in the image on the right

  • Attempt to hold the laser motionless when collecting the stripes across the end to increase repeatability.

  • Consistently place the line across the same area of the tube end from measure to measure.

  • Press the green button until VTube-LASER is finished scanning all the end stripes.



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