End-Scan Using the End Wall

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg How to perform the end-wall end scan.

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About the End Wall Technique

We recommend this for increased precision where it is possible to strike the end wall. The End Wall method is also very useful for thicker wall tubes.

The advantage of this method is that it is less prone to outlier points. The disadvantage is that it is hard to aim at thinner walls.

For tube walls with high-reflectivity with burrs or saw marks, we recommend either a coating (see below) or the most precise End-Scan Using End Targets.

How To Use This End-Scan Technique

  • Align the scanner so that it touches one end wall of the tube.

  • Attempt to hold the laser motionless when collecting the stripes to increase repeatability.

  • Consistently place the line across the same area of the tube end from measure to measure.

  • Press the green button until VTube-LASER is finished scanning all the end stripes.

  • If you are scanning an end that is highly reflective, then coat the end with powder or white paint marker (See Avoiding Outliers below).

  • After you perform this scan, you should be able to observe a straight line of points on the screen that represent the end wall. If you don't see this line, then repeat the end scan measurement by using the "Previous" button in the measurement control window.

Endwall whitepaint scan llp.jpg

Endwall whitepaint scan.jpg

Avoiding Outliers

When scanning the end walls of highly reflective tubing with striations like shown in the image on the right, it is better to either cover the end with a coat of Maganaflux, Dynaflux, foot powder spray, white marking paint pen, or cover it with an end target to avoid outlier points.

The image below shows an end target plastic label attached to the end of the same tube. In this case, there are no striations visible.

EndWithEndWall HighReflective Striation EndTarget.jpg

See also Surface Paint for using a white paint marker for the prep of the end scan.

EndWithEndWall HighReflective Striation.jpg

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