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TubeCAD Pro for Windows is a tube layout program used by tube fabricators to create complete tube layouts in minutes.

Recent Revisions

May 16, 2016 TubeCAD Pro v8.5 Fixed issues with OD modifications profiles that have a separation distance of zero. Tubecad pro 8.5.png
January 11, 2016 TubeCAD Pro v8.4 Fixed issues in the tangent circles in the OD Outlines. Fixed issue for new Windows security requirements. Tubecad pro 8.4.png
July 9, 2015 TubeCAD Pro v8.3 Fixed issues in the tangent circles in the OD Outlines. Removed borders for the blockup labels in the print preview. Added a switch that allows the blockup labels to float in the Z axis on the tube in 3D in AutoCAD. Tcadpro 8.3 blockuplabels floatz.png
December 17, 2014 TubeCAD Pro v8-20141217 Fixed hidden diameter issues in the tangent circles in the OD Outlines in AutoCAD DXF files. Blockup fixes. Changed all configuration storage to c:\ProgramData\tcadpro for every user. Tcadpro v8-20141217 dxf hiddenlines fix.png
November 12, 2013 TubeCAD Pro v8-20131112 New CONSTRAINED points and geometry in SolidWorks build. DXF file location is now remembered when set in the options menu. Tcadpro-solidworks-constrained-geo-in-sw.png
July 29, 2013 TubeCAD Pro v8-20130729 Supravision end offsets and Diameters import into TubeCAD. Tcadpro-svimport endoffsets.png
July 1, 2013 TubeCAD Pro v8-20130701 Seamlessly build SolidWorks files from TubeCAD. Tcadpro solidworks.jpg
June 5, 2013 TubeCAD Pro v8-20130605 Added End Offset to tube end lengths in reports. Tcadpro xlsio.jpg
March 3, 2013 TubeCAD Pro v8-20130304 Excel XLS Import and Export, Windows 7 and Windows 8 multi-user installation, new commands Tcadpro xlsio.jpg

All Revisions



TubeCAD Pro builds solid models directly in SOLIDWORKS. Here is a screenshot of TubeCAD and SW1027:

TubeCAD and SOLIDWORKS2017.png

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TubeCAD Program IDs Used in Keys

PID Program Licensed
320 TubeCAD Pro
337 TubeCAD Lite for Clark Fixture Modular Gauges
351 TubeCAD Pro v8-20100204 (32/64 bit)


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Purchase Online

TubeCAD Pro can be purchased from our online store.

NLM Software

TubeCAD can use the NLM software package to allow for centralized license control. If you have purchased NLM software to use with TubeCAD Pro, you can read instructions for TubeCAD Pro NLM Installation.

Training Courses

We offer TubeCAD Pro training. View our TRAINING AGENDA. Call for more details. (On-site or in our training room)

External Programs

TubeCAD Pro operates with AutoCAD and AutoCAD-like programs in order to allow for further modification to the layout created by TubeCAD. For an inexpensive CAD solution we recommend CADopia, which is based on the IntelliCAD open-source package.