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Follow these steps to setup the Network License Manager for use with TubeCAD Pro.

Step 1

Run the NLM Installation software on the Windows server computer.

Please do not plug the hardware key into the computer at this point in the installation. You will be asked to plug it in later.
NLM v6 SetupScreen.jpg
Step 2

Plug the hardware key in the computer now.

Step 3 You can allow the NLM software to load as the installation is closing.

NLM v6 SetupScreen Last.jpg
Step 4 Click on the "Licensed Applications" tab to be sure TubeCAD Pro is in the list of licenses.

Also, check the number of licenses available to be sure it matches what you've purchased.

Nlm licensedapplications tubecad screen.jpg
Step 5 Use the NLM Adapter List screen to find the server IP address.

You will use this address to setup the configuration file on the TubeCAD computer.

Nlm ip adapter list screen.jpg
Step 6

Go to the TubeCAD Pro computer (where it is installed). You'll need to edit the configuration file that is located at:

Path to Configuration

For most versions of TubeCAD Pro, use this path to find the config file, then then load this file into an editor:

Using Notepad is the easiest way to edit this file. To do this, right-click on TubeCAD.config and choose Open With, then choose Notepad from the Menu.

Edit the Configuration File in a Text Editor

In the editor, look for the line that reads:

Enable Network=0

Change the "0" to a "1".

The line should be changed to:

Enable Network=1

In the editor, look for the line that reads:
Server Name=

Change IP address to the IP address that is used at the server. The value will be the IP address shown in the NLM software in the IP Adapter List tab.

Server Name=

(Please note that your IP address will probably be different than the one shown above.)

Next, set the timeout to between 10 and 20 seconds to allow TubeCAD time to wait before showing a hardware key error. Network Timeout=20

Set the port values. The NLM Send Port value must be the same as the listening port at the NLM. Suggested values:

NLM Send Port=17502
NLM Receive Port=17501

Save the file and exit Notepad.

TubeCAD Config NLM Enabled.png
Step 7 Run TubeCAD Pro. The NLM Server software should report that a user is logged into TubeCAD Pro and that there are the correct seats of the software available.

Step 8 If TubeCAD Pro does not log into NLM, then it is probable that your Windows firewall is blocking the transfer of data.

This assumes that the connection that address is valid. To check validity, run the "ping" command in the DOS command box. The ping command is formatted like

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