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See Benderlink for Pines Software Maintenance Plan


Benderlink for Pines is software that connects PINES TS-2000 controls with Eaton Leonard Vector Laservision measuring centers.

It essentially makes a TS-2000 control appear to be an Eaton Leonard PREMIER control to a Vector Laservision measuring center.

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TS-2000 Control to Vector 1 Laservision

Ts-2000.jpg The software installs directly on the operator station of the Pines TS-2000 controls. It is designed to interact directly with the control. The designer of the TS-2000 included a "Laservision" button that loads and calls to Benderlink for Pines.

The protocol used is the Velog/El-2000/Premier protocol - so the software is compatible with Eaton Leonard Vector Laservision out of the box.

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Download the Benderlink for PINES datasheet (PDF file) Blinkpines datasheet.jpg

Benderlink Ethernet Module for PINES

The software uses the Benderlink Ethernet Module for PINES to Vector to connect to any Vector. Blinklines2vector pdfimage.jpg

Version 2.0 - Plug-And-Play Compatible with Vector Laservision

Version 2 is designed to communicate using the standard Eaton Leonard Velog, EL-2000, and Premier protocol. This protocol is available on every Eaton Leonard measuring center.

This version makes any PINES bender answer as a Velog, EL-2000, or Premier control.

Both STANDARD and EXTENDED protocols are handled. The Extended protocol is intended for multiple radius benders.

Blinkpines v2 mainscreen.jpg

Version 1.0 (Retired)

Version 1 of Benderlink for Pines communicated with Laservisions using the ATT protocol. The ATT protocol was a special protocol that required customers to purchase and install an upgrade to the Vector Laservision. Eaton Leonard referred to this as a "Competitive Bender Interface" because it was designed to grant competitors the right to use the measuring center through license charges.

This CBI kit was costly and time-consuming for the customer. Version 2 of our software addressed this issue.

Blinkpines v1 mainscreen.jpg

Version Updates

Screen Shot Date Released Link to Page New Features
Blinkpines v2 mainscreen.jpg April 28, 2008 Benderlink for Pines 2.0
  • 100% Compatible with standard Eaton Leonard protocols
  • New Updated User Interface
  • New Utilities for working with Benderlink Ethernet Modules - like Ping checking before opening a virtual COM port.

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Hardware for making the connection: Benderlink Ethernet Module for PINES to Vector