Benderlink Ethernet Module for PINES to Vector

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This is a single port Benderlink Ethernet Module that works with Benderlink for Pines to connect a TS-2000 (Pines) control to an Eaton Leonard Vector 1 measuring center.

This device is 100% Eaton Leonard Vector 1 Compatible. Any standard Vector 1 bender port can connect with this module. It is placed near the Vector 1 Laservision measuring center.

Download the PDF Datasheet shown here.

Blinklines2vector pdfimage.jpg

About the Connections

  • One RJ-45 port - This connects to the Ethernet.

  • One Military Connector - This connector follows the legacy Eaton Leonard style connection. You can connect standard communications cable with circular connectors at either end.

  • One Power Port - Any voltage from 90 to 264 VAC accepted.
Blink module vector test2.jpg

Inside the Module

This is an image of the inside of the module.

  • Cb-el1 render1.jpg
    The Advanced Tubular Current Loop board is in the upper left corner. This board makes the connection 100% compatible with Eaton Leonard electronics.

  • The Ethernet Serial Device Server is the black box on the right.

  • The power supply is on the lower left.

Blink module vector test3.jpg

Example Installation

This is an image of the box installed on a test bench computer running Benderlink for Eaton Leonard, which simulates Vector 1 Laservision communications.

In this application, the module was connected to a PINES 100 running Benderlink for PINES and TS-2000.

Blink module vector test1.jpg


The Benderlink Ethernet Module can be purchased from our Online Store

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