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The Benderlink Current Loop module is an industrial enclosure with any number of Advanced Tubular current loop communications boards that use the legacy Eaton Leonard standard for electronics connection and communication. See Communications Board for Eaton Leonard - CB-EL1

Works with Benderlink for Eaton Leonard

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These modules work with our Benderlink for Eaton Leonard software to provide OFFLINE EDITING and STORAGE of Eaton Leonard data on any Windows computer.

Productivity Benefits

RUGGED The RITTAL enclosure is a rugged industrial box that will withstand the industrial environment.
EATON LEONARD PLUG COMPATIBLE These electronics are compatible with the Eaton Leonard Velog, EL-2000, Premier, and PremierPlus controls. They can act as a direct replacement to the old current loop blocks.
LIGHTENING STRIKE PROTECTION It is our experience that the electronics in this module act as a shield for lightening strikes - usually saving the computer and computer COM port from damage.
EXTENDED DISTANCES Unlike RS-232, which is limited to about 50 feet, there is no problem running using cables 300 feet or more with these electronics.
COST EFFECTIVE and IN-STOCK PARTS A replacement board can be ordered any time. A replacement board costs about $300 - and we keep them in stock. The cost of a power-supply replacement is $35.
LED INDICATORS These boards, unlike others, use LEDS to indicate the power state and communications state (for diagnostics). Open the box to examine the LEDs during communications.

Model Information and Pricing