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This software can be used on time-limited and time-unlimited keys to determine which of the following software packages are enabled within the key.

The program can also check time-limited keys for the expiration date.

Click here to download this software.

For a list of Program IDs used to control the licenses of our products see Software License Program ID List

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Software Updates

Screen Shot Date Released Link to Page New Features
KeyCheck 8.6.png December 16, 2015 Keycheck v8.6
  • Update for Windows security requirements.
KeyCheck 8.5.png July 20, 2015 Keycheck v8.5
  • Keycheck now reports which Users are using licenses from the Network License Manager 8.5
SecureDongleX.jpg April 7, 2015 Keycheck v8.3
  • Added support of SecureDongleX keys in Network License Manager
SecureDongleX.jpg May 3, 2013 Keycheck v8.1
  • Fixes for support of SecureDongleX keys
SecureDongleX.jpg April 21, 2013 Keycheck v8
  • Now supports SecureDongleX brand keys
Keycheck v7.42.jpg February 22, 2013 Keycheck v7.44
  • Changed data and log storage for compatibility with Microsoft standards for computers using strict UAC (User Access Control)
Keycheck v7.42.jpg July 6, 2012 Keycheck v7.43
  • Added new program ID
Keycheck v7.42.jpg November 09, 2011 Keycheck v7.42
  • Copy to clipboard repair
  • Changed UI for Windows 7 border
Keycheck v7.4.jpg January 5, 2011 Keycheck v7.4
  • Slight adjustments to user interface
  • Code signed for compliance with Windows 7 requirements
Keycheck v7.3.jpg August 11, 2010 Keycheck v7.3
  • Slight adjustments to user interface
  • Logs print combined as one report
Keycheck v7.2.jpg July 10, 2010 Keycheck v7.2
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Synchronized with the new Network License Manager software
  • Added more Program IDs for new programs
Keycheck v7.jpg January 23, 2010 Keycheck v7
  • Now works with 64 bit Windows
Keycheck v6.1.jpg May 20, 2009 Keycheck v6.1
  • Updated the internal program ID license numbers
  • Fixed a bug with Send Log so that it will now send logs again.
Keycheck v6.jpg Summer 2008 Keycheck v6
  • Updated communication engine for new Network License Manager
  • New User Interface

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