Extending Time-Limited Keys

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When a key expires you can send Advanced Tubular a request (by e-mail or telephone) for a time extension on your key. When we grant you the extension, then we will send you an executable program designed to update your Advanced Tubular time-limited key.

These are the steps to take to update your time-limited hardware key:


Find or download the KEYCHECK program

Keycheck v7.42.jpg

Sometimes Keycheck.exe is installed in a sub-folder to the software program folder. (For example c:\program files\tcadpro is where TubeCAD Pro is typically installed.) The sub-folder name will be "key".

The latest Keycheck.exe program is also available at our web site at this address: http://www.advancedtubular.com/key/setup_keycheck.exe


Run the KEYCHECK program

On the system that has the hardware key installed, run the KEYCHECK program. It will automatically check for the key when it start.

If you need to plug another key in or retry the check you can always press the Check... button: Keycheck checkbutton.jpg


Right click on the log, then press the "Copy All to Clipboard" command.

Keycheck copyclip.jpg

Keycheck copyclip popup.jpg


Send an e-mail using your E-mail client.

Keycheck e-mail.jpg

Paste the log information in the clipboard into the e-mail you are composing, and send it to [email protected]

Most programs allow you to use Ctrl-V to past the clipboard into the e-mail. Or you can right-click and press paste from the popup menu.


Wait for a return e-mail from Advanced Tubular


We will build a custom KeyTimeSet.exe program for your hardware key.

If you need the update immediately, then it is best to call our office at 248 674-2059 to confirm that we received the e-mail request. (Ask for Dawne Baker or Mike Cone.)


We will send you an e-mail with a web address for downloading the update program for your key


You will find a hyperlink in our e-mail to a file on our web site. Download and run the file by clicking on this hyperlink. (You can either choose to SAVE the file or RUN the file. The program should run fine either way.)

Be sure to run the program on the same computer that has the hardware key being updated. The key must be present for this update to work since this software updates the key's memory.

Your time-limited hardware key will now be updated. You can confirm this by running Keycheck.exe to test the key's internal state. (See Step 2 above)

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