VTube-LASER v2.9.2

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Revision 2.9.2 Build 109

Release Date: December 12, 2017

Vtube-laser v2.7 screenshot.png

Check.jpgFIXED and IMPROVED - Split Bend - Finding Surface Edges

As of version 2.9, the Split Bend logic would not find the exact outside of the apex of the surface diameters in 180-degree bends.

At best, the split bend centerline would be 0.020" off from the original.

In addition to the fix, the logic has been improved to be faster and more reliable than in any previous version.

Splitbend before fix.png

Splitbend after fix.png

Check.jpgFIXED and IMPROVED - Bend Profile Calculations

The same issues that affected the Split Bend logic also affected the Bend Profile logic.

This has been repaired in this version.


Check.jpgFIXED and IMPROVED - END TRIM - (Build 108)

A customer discovered a rare end trim condition that we were able to reproduce and fix. The issue occurred when end trim stripes were captured both near the end and near the first or last bend. This confused the end trim logic. The logic has been completely redesigned to not only overcome this issue - but to find the end-trim even faster than before.

Our tests also showed that, with this new logic, the end-scan technique is not as important as it was in previous versions. The key is to be sure that the END WALL is the furthest point out in an end scan.

See the image on the right for an example. Using this kind of scan - with lots of points along the diameter, we were able to consistently find the end of this tube within a few thousandths every time.

Vtl 2.9.2 endtrim from scans furthest.png


  • A bug was discovered for saving the Default Project file where some of values recently changed would not be stored in the default setup. This is fixed.

  • (Build 109) - The Bender Data Setup window bender number was always reset to 1 whenever the measured tube was created. This has been fixed so that the previously selected bender is remembered and displayed.

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