VTube-LASER v2.9.18

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Revision 2.9.18

Release Date: March 12, 2019
Current Build: 18

Vtube-laser v2.7 screenshot.png


Check.jpgMAJOR IMPROVEMENT FOR SCANNING - AUTOMATIC Laser Separation Improves Laser Scanning Signifcantly

The new Automatic Laser Separation method allows VTube-LASER to automatically control the UniScan separation distance between laser stripes based on the known individual tube lengths in the MASTER data. The result is a much improved experience when UniScan scanning tubes with straight lengths that vary much.

This allows VTube-LASER to automatically lay stripes closer on shorter straights to collect more data - while making VTube spread out stripes on longer sections.

The result is a much higher degree of successful scanning when changing from long straights to short staights and back to long straights.

We are convinced that this method is so useful that it is now switched on by default in the Measure Setup Separation Distance menu. If your tube lengths vary much, then you will experience much better success in measuring straights than in previous versions.

See the VTube-LASER UniScan Automatic Laser Separation Tutorial for more information.

Vtl v2.9.18 AutomaticLaserSeparation.pngRa8 stripes.png

Vtl v2.9.18 AutomaticLaserSeparation Graphic.png

Check.jpgMAJOR IMPROVEMENT FOR BENDER CORRECTION - Bender Setup Window CORRECTION DATA MAPPING Adds Extreme Flexibility to Corrections

If you have to skip rows in bender setup data for avoidance moves, then this feature is important for you.

Use correction mapping in Bender Setup to move corrections up or down columns and to ignore specific corrections.

This ability is important for certain styles of benders - like SOCO, COMCO, and BendPro - because some users prefer to not use the teach mode to create avoidance moves. This ability allows the corrections to skip data that is used for extra moves or avoidance moves.

Each column of adjustments now has their own color-coded Map column.

  • Yellow indicates that the adjustments were pushed down one row from the cell and downward in the grid.
  • Red indicates that a correction is ignored.
  • Pink indicates the the corrections are pulled up one row from the bottom of the grid.
  • Green indicates that the correction is used.

The Correction Mapping values are stored in the project files and recalled automatically when the project is loaded.

Vtl v2.9.18 BenderSetup CorrectionMappingCloseUp.png

Vtl v2.9.18 BenderSetup CorrectionMapping.png

Check.jpgNEW - Move Bend Setup BLUE COLUMN Data Up or Down

Use this feature combined with Correction Data Mapping to skip rows for avoidance moves.

Vtl v2.9.18 PushLengthDown.png

Check.jpgNEW (in STEP mode) - Selection Inversion Method Helps Select Parts in an Assembly

Selection inversion makes selecting parts from inside an assembly much easier.

See the slides on the right to see how selection inversion is used.

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion menu.png

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion1.png

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion2.png

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion3.png

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion4.png

Check.jpgNEW - BLM CMM Communications Protocol

This protocol allows you to correct BLM benders using the BLM CMM protocol. This is now the recommended protocol for use with BLM benders.

Vts v2.9.18 BenderSetup BLMCMM.png

Check.jpgNEW - COMCO CSV Communications Protocol

This protocol allows you to correct COMCO benders through the CSV file import and export.

Vts v2.9.18 BenderSetup COMCOCSV.png

Check.jpgNEW - OMCG SVNET Communications Protocol

This protocol allows you to correct OMCG benders.

See VTube OMCG Bender Correction for details.

Vts v2.9.18 BenderSetup OMCGSVNET.png

Check.jpgNEW - Now VTube has THREE Default Radii

Radius 1, Radius 2, and Radius 3 are now available in Part Setup.

Vtl v2.9.18 DefaultRadius123.png

Check.jpgFIX - The Taskbar Icon Now Displays

VTube-LASER users discovered that the taskbar icon did not always display. This has been fixed.

Vtl v2.9.18 TaskbarIcon.png

Check.jpgOther Changes

  • NEW - A new button in Tube Data Storage allows you to copy only the MEASURED back into main memory.

  • NEW - Autobuild Parametrics now calculates the CUT LENGTH automatically in VTube-STEP.

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