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Revision 1.67

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Check.jpg NEW: Split Bend Feature

Vtube-laser screen 1 67.jpg

VTube uses the Split Bend feature as a powerful way to handle large angle bends. The feature is simple to use, and allows you to scan a large sample of data to ensure that the calculates are precise.

Vtube-laser splitbendsetup button.jpg
Vtube-laser splitbend.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Cut Plane Feature

Vtube-laser cutplaninterface.jpg

The Cut Plane feature allows operators to measure a tube on any surface without an elevated work holder. The Cut Plane acts as a barrier beyond which all points are cut from the scan.

When Cut Plane is active a Cut Plane icon displays at the bottom of the Navigation pane. (See the orange arrow above.)

The Cut Plane is established with 4 points. Three points indicate the plane. The fourth point is elevated from the plane. It indicates the side of the plane on which to keep the data.

The points are always taken using tactile. Press the green button, then the red button to collect all the points.

Vtube-laser cutplaneicon.jpg
Vtube-laser cutplane inaction.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Automatic Combination of Bend Data

Vtube-laser benderdata compression.jpg

When split bend is used to create a straight in the middle of a bend, VTube-LASER automatically assumes that the split bends should be re-combined into one bend in all bend data charts.

Check.jpg NEW: Operator Chooses When to Connect the the FARO

Previous versions of VTube always assumed that operators meant to connect to a FARO arm. This causes the interface to pause repeatedly while it tries to reconnect to the arm that is not present.

Now VTube will assume that operators should control when to connect to the arm in the Measure Setup pane.

The button is in the new tab menu called "Arm." When the arm is not connected, the button will read Connect to the Arm. When the arm is connected to VTube, then the button will read Disconnect from the Arm.

The disconnect will let operators disconnect from arms to move arms away or switch arms.

Just as in previous versions, it is not necessary to disconnect the arm when exiting the software.

Vtube-laser connecttoarm alone.jpg

Vtube-laser disconnectfromarm.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Reset Coordinate Datum for MASTER or MEASURED to Zero

Vtube-laser beforeafterzerodatum.jpg

  • This feature allows you to reset the datum of the first row of coordinates to zero.
Vtube-laser resetcoorddatumtozero.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Add After Row in MASTER XYZ

  • Now add rows after the current row in Master XYZ data. This allows users to add a row after the last row of XYZ coordinates.

Vtube-laser addafterthisrow.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The Save Project Before Continuing window now has a third button added that allows you to Cancel the operation that would lose the current project changes. This allows operations like project file load or program close to be stopped.

Vtube-laser saveproject beforecontinue.jpg

  • The Data Handling menu has been updated to include the Split Bend feature.

Vtube-laser datahandlingpane 1 67.jpg

  • The MASTER XYZ grid popup menu now includes the Add after this XYZ Row feature to allow operators to add XYZ rows after the last row.

Vtube-laser AddAfterThisXYZRow 1 67.jpg

  • Cross-check lengths now show negative when the cross-check is short.

Vtube-laser CrosscheckNegative 1 67.jpg

  • Reverse calculation now retains the MASTER part orientation if possible. This allows you to change the LRA data, press Calculate XYZ, and retain the original orientation of the master part. (Note: v1.67b)

  • The example on the right shows an increased third straight length from 2 to 4 inches with the part retaining the original orientation.

Vtube-laser ReverseCalc OriginalOrientation.jpg

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • LRA to XYZ Master calculation did not copy last radius value. This is resolved in VTube-LASER v1.68

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