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Revision 1.68

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Check.jpg NEW: Excel Report Builder

Vtube-laser report excel button.jpg

VTube-LASER can now build a Excel report quickly. This is useful for taking your reports even further for Gage R&R an custom reports.

Vtube-laser excel.jpg

Check.jpg REVISED: Overbend Calculator

Vtube-laser overbend.jpg

The Overbend Calculator was redesigned and improved.

Check.jpg NEW: More Option in the Bender Setup

Vtube-laser bendersetup saveSV.jpg

Bender Setup can now save Supravision files from the bender setup data to the network. The menu can send either bender data with corrections or bender data without corrections. For uni-directional benders, you can merge Adjustments back into the bender data after sending data to the bender.

Check.jpg NEW: Added Tab Menus in the MASTER XYZ Menu

New tab menus with new options are now placed in separate tab menus in the Master XYZ menu.

Vtube-laser master xyz tabmenus setpoints.jpg
Vtube-laser master xyz tabmenus.jpg
Vtube-laser master xyz tabmenus splitbend.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The radius values now correctly copy back to XYZ radius values when performing a reverse calc.
  • It is now possible to edit the blue-column bend ANGLE and ANGLE ADJUSMENT data in the Bender Setup menu.
  • A new LRA Master to Measured report is added.
  • Rotation corrections are always shift to the shortest side of the clock. For example +359 degree is reset to -1.0.
  • Now the tangent point/midpoint inspection grid is automatically set with the default tolerance when the grid grows.

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • No known issues

Other Pages

VTube-LASER Training Video - How to perform effective end scans.

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