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See a list of VTube-LASER videos for Kreon on this page.

VTL Videos Kreon.png

Version 3.2

Video 20220629: How Set Up to Correct SMI Benders with VTube-LASER

This video shows set up VTube-LASER to correct SMI benders.

Vtl v3.2 SMIBenderCorrectionVideo.png

Video 20220421: How To Set Up and Test VTube-LASER to CNC Bender ProControl Communications

This video shows how to set up and test communications with the SMT CNC Bender ProControl benders.

Vtl v3.2b750 CNCBenderBenderlinkVideo.png

Video 20220420: Measuring 180-degree Bends with Kreon Scan Arms

This video shows how to measure 180-degree bends with the Kreon scan arm.

Vtl v3.2b750 Kreon180-degree.png

Video 20220413: Square Tube Measuring with Kreon Scan Arms

This video shows square tube measuring using a Kreon scan arm.

Vtl v3.2b744 KreonSquareTube.png

Video 20220331: Improved Best Fit For Shallow Bends

This video shows how this version of VTube-LASER has an improved Best Fit algorithm designed to handle tubes with shallow bends.

Vtl v3.2b714 BestFitShallowBend.png

Version 3.1

Video 20220221-C: Aligning the Kreon Scanner in VTube-LASER

This video shows how to align the Kreon scanner to the Kreon arm in VTube-LASER before you start using the Kreon arm the first time.

Kreon video3.png

Video 20220221-B: Controlling the Kreon Video Settings Properly

This video shows how to enter and control the values in the Kreon Video Settings window.

Kreon video4.png

Video 20220221: Verifying VTube-LASER and Kreon with a Test Cylinder

This video shows how to set up and use a test cylinder to verify your measuring system at the beginning of each day.

Kreon video2.png

Video 20220216: VTube-LASER Using a Kreon Scan Arm

This video shows the connection to a Kreon ACES scan arm with a Solano blue line scanner.

Kreon video1.png

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