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See a complete list of VTube-LASER videos on this page.

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Video Subpages Related to Specific Arms

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Latest Videos

Version 3.0

Video 202100413: VTube v3 NPS Values Tutorial

Michael Cone shows how to use the new NPS values in VTube.

20210413 NPSVideo.png

Video 202100406: VTube-LASER Reverse Engineering Tutorial

Michael Cone shows how easy it is to reverse engineer a tube shape with VTube-LASER.

20210406 ReverseEngineeringVideo.png

Video 20210330: VTube-LASER to Transfluid Bender Communications

This video shows how easy it is to communicate with Transfluid tProject bender software.

20210330 TransfluidTProjectCommunications.png

Video 20210313: How to Enter Bender Data of Different Types in the Same Project

This video shows how to enter bender data of mixed data types and then reverse calc to centerline XYZ data.

20210313 ImportMixedBenderData.png

Video 20210310: How to Import New Report Templates

This video shows how to import new report templates into VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER.

20210310 ImportReportTemplates.png

Video 20210212: Switch the FARO Scanner ON and OFF Manually

Use this process to quickly switch the FARO scanner on or off manually.

20210212 FARO Scanner ONOFF.png

Video 20201221: VTube-LASER Five-minute Bender Correction for UTE Select (HEXAGON)

See how to correct a tube shape in a UTE SELECT bender in less than 5 minutes.

20201221 UTESelectCorrectionVideo.png

Video 20201117: Calculate Centerline Radii Using Measure Bend Profile (FARO)

Quickly and accurately measure the centerline radius using the Measure Bend Profile process.

20201117 measurebendprofile bendradii.png

Video 20201111B: Automatic Copy of the Default Tolerance to Tube Straights

Learn how automatically copy the edited default tangent/midpoint tolerance to all the tube straights.

20201111B autocopydefaulttolerance.png

Video 20201111: How to Use Precision Weight Control Alignment to Simulate Zero-Tolerance Gauges

Learn how to use Precision Weight Control Alignment in VTube-LASER to better simulate zero-tolerance gauges.

20201111 precisionweightcontrolalignment.png

Video 20200930: How to Measure and Qualify OD End Profiles Using Assembly (HEXAGON)

This video shows how to use Assembly to measure and qualify OD end profiles using a HEXAGON arm.

20200930 measuring od end profiles.png

Video 20200924: How to Measure and Qualify Ports on a Tube Using Assembly (HEXAGON)

This video shows how to use Assembly to measure and qualify ports attached to a tube using VTube-LASER Assembly. The same principle can be extended to holes in tube shapes.

20200923 measureing tubes with ports hexagon.png

Video 20200923: How to Measure and Qualify Ports on a Tube Using Assembly (FARO)

This video shows how to use Assembly to measure and qualify ports attached to a tube using VTube-LASER Assembly. The same principle can be extended to holes in tube shapes.

20200923 measureing tubes with ports.png

Video 20200804: Measuring a Brake Line with a FARO EDGE Arm

This video shows VTube-LASER measuring a brake line with a legacy FARO Edge Scan Arm.

2020804 Brake Line FAROEdge.png

Video 20200722: Scanning Tube with a Legacy ROMER Scan Arm

This video shows VTube-LASER using an older RS-7520-SI arm with a version 1 scanner.

20200722 RA7520 video.png

Video 20200709: Real-time Overall Scan Scores Build Confidence (HEXAGON RA8)

This video shows how VTube-LASER scan scoring system helps users know they are measuring well.

20200709 scanscore video.png

Video 20200609: How to Use Multiple Versions of the Same Part in One Project

This video shows how to use Assembly to create multiple versions of the same part in one project. Each version can then be used to measure the part at various stages of the fabrication process.

20200609 multiple versions parts video.png

Video 20200515: How Import 180-degree Bend Models

This video shows how to import models with 180-degree bends.

20200515 import180 video.png

Video 20200514: How to Change Languages in VTube

This video shows how to change languages in the VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP user interface.

20200514 changelanguges video.png

Video 20200406: Measure Corner Profile with VTube-LASER and FARO Quantum

This video shows how to measure a corner profile shape with the Corner Profile measure process using a FARO Quantum arm.

20200406 cornerprofile faro video.png

Video 20200331: VTube UNIVERSITY Training Video: Verify a HEXAGON Arm with a Precision Cylinder Bar

This is a VTube University video that shows how to quickly verify a HEXAGON ScanArm with VTube-LASER and a precision cylinder bar.

20200331 training hexagon video.png

Video 20200327: VTube UNIVERSITY Training Video: Introduction to Import and Measuring Tube Shape Demo Tube 5 with a FARO Arm


This video is a VTube University video designed to accompany training document 20200327..002" this support page.

20200327 trainingdoc002 video.png

Video 20200323: VTube UNIVERSITY Training Video: FARO Account Manager Demo Training


This video is a VTube University video designed to show how to demonstrate VTube-LASER using a FARO ScanArm.

This video is a supplement to the demo training document available on this support page.

Vtl v3.0 training faro demonstration.png

Video 20200320: VTube UNIVERSITY Training Video: End Scans

(HEXAGON RA8-7 ScanArm)

This video is a VTube University video designed to show how to effectively end scan a tube using VTube-LASER.

Vtl v3.0 training endscan technique.png

Video 20200306: VTube-LASER Correction of an OMCG Wire Bender

(HEXAGON RA7-7 ScanArm)

This video shows a corrections loop between VTube-LASER and an OMCG wire bender.

Vtl v3.0 correct OMCG.mp4.png

Video 20200225: How to manually setup the Ethernet port for HEXAGON RDS connection

You can manually setup the Ethernet port following the steps in this short video.

Vtl v3.0 setupethnernetHEXAGON.mp4.png

Video 20200206: How to Switch from Probe to LASER with HEXAGON RA8 Arms

Switching from probe to laser is easy with the three-way toggle button.

(Using a HEXAGON RA8 ScanArm)

Vtl v3.0 switchingprobesHEXAGON.mp4.png

Version 2.9.21

Video 20200204: How to Measure a Bend Radius with Bend Profile Process

See how to use VTube-LASER Bend Profile measure process to measure a bend radius.

(Using a FARO Quantum ScanArm)

Vtl v2.9.21 bendprofilescan faroquantum.mp4.png

Video 20200114: How to Use VTube-LASER Corner Profile Measure Process for Different Tube Profiles

See how to use VTube-LASER Corner Profile measurement for PROFILE, SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, and EXTRUDED shapes - with either the LASER or the BALL PROBE.

(Using a HEXAGON 8325 ScanArm)

Vtubelaser v2.9.21.video corner profiles 002.png

Video 110: Corner Profile Measure Process

This demo video shows how VTube-LASER can easily measure corner profiles.

Vtubelaser v2.9.21.video corner profiles.png

Video 107: Corrections Loop with SOCO Beckhoff Controls

This demo video shows how VTube-LASER performs corrections loop communications with SOCO Beckhoff controls.

Vtubelaser v2.9.21.video soco beckhoff communications.png

Version 2.9.20

Video 105: Measuring a Part with 180-Degree Bends

This demo video shows VTube-LASER scanning through a part with two 180-degree bends.

Vtubelaser v2.9.20.video hvac dual180.png

Version 2.9.19

Video 104: Demo of VTube-LASER Measuring from 2mm to 450mm Tube and Pipe + Square

This demo video shows the wide range of tube, pipe, wire, string types that VTube-LASER can scan with a laser scanner arm.

Vtubestep v2.9.19.video different tube types scanned.png

Video 103: VTube-LASER "Timer Accept" Feature Cuts Button Press Counts in Half

This video shows how the TIMER ACCEPT button can decrease your button presses during UniScan tube measuring by half.

Vtubestep v2.9.19.video timer accept button.png

Video 102: VTube-LASER is Now Compatible with Baces USB Arms

This video shows VTube-LASER working with a Baces USB arm.

Vtubestep v2.9.19.video baces demo.png

Version 2.9.18

Video 101: How Automatic Laser Separation for UniScan Makes Scanning Tubes Easier (HEXAGON Arm)

This video shows the Automatic Laser Separation feature introduced in version 2.9.18 on March 15, 2018.

Vtubestep v2.9.18.video automatic laser separation demo.png

Video 100: How To Calculate the Centerline Radius in a Measured 180-degree Bend

This video shows how to use the Dimension Control window to calculate the true radius of a 180-degree bend.

Vtubestep v2.9.18.video calculate true radius 180-degree.png

Video 99: See VTube-LASER Reverse Engineer a RZR Side by Side Custom Tube Assembly using a HEXAGON RA8 Arm

This video shows Michael Cone using VTube-LASER to reverse engineer a custom 8 tube assembly for a RZR Side by Side in 8 minutes - including sending the part to SOLIDWORKS.

Vtubestep v2.9.18.video reverse RZR side by side.png

Video 98: About the Small Diameter Warning

This video shows how Small Diameter Warning works along with its setup.

Vtubestep v2.9.18.video small diameter warning.png

Video 96: VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER New Radius Features

See the new radius features in this video. In Part Setup:

  • Renamed "Radius 1" (renamed from Default Radius)
  • New "Radius 2" field
  • New "Radius 3" field

In Parametric Tube grid windows:

  • See how to quickly set the radii for all bends using the synchronize radius feature.

Vtube v2.9.18.video newradius features.png

Version 2.9.17

Video 95: VTube-LASER Communicating with BendPro G2 on an RbSA Industrial BOOST Trainer

Michael Cone simulates a corrections loop between VTube-LASER v2.9.18 and BendPro G2 on an RbSA Industrial BOOST trainer.

Vtl v2.9.18.video RbSABendPro demo.png

Video 94: Five Major Enhancements to VTube-LASER Version 2.9.17 - FEATURING the HEXAGON ABSOLUTE ARM

Michael Cone shows 5 major new features in VTube-LASER v2.9.17. (Released on December 30, 2018).

Vtl v2.9.17.video newfeatures hexagon demo.png

Video 93: Five Major Enhancements to VTube-LASER Version 2.9.17 - FEATURING the FARO QUANTUM SCANARM

Michael Cone shows 5 major new features in VTube-LASER v2.9.17. (Released on December 30, 2018).

Vtl v2.9.17.video newfeatures faro demo.png

Video 92: Measuring part "VTube-LASER Demo 5" with MicroScribe in Version 2.9.17

This video shows how to measure demo part 5 with version 2.9.17 of VTube-LASER. (Released in December 2018).

Vtl v2.9.17.video microscribe demo.png

Video 91: How To Reverse-Engineer to STEP file with a FARO ScanArm Using VTube-LASER

This video shows how to reverse-engineer a tube to STEP file. Michael Cone is using VTube-LASER 2.9.17 and a FARO Quantum S ScanArm.

Vtl v2.9.17.video reverse faro.png

Version 2.9.16

Video 90: How to Attach and Use the ROMER Absolute 8-series Scanner in VTube-LASER

This is a video where Michael Cone shows how to attach and use the 8-series style arm scanner with VTube-LASER.

Vtl v2.9.16. attach and use RA8 scanner.png

Version 2.9.14


This video shows how easy it is to measure small tubes with the MicroScribe i arm using VTube-LASER.

VTL MicroScribe Video 4.png

Version 2.9.12

Video 88: VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP Unlimited NOTE LIST Feature

This video shows the new unlimited NOTE LIST feature that allows you to add any number of notes to a VTube project.

Vtl v2.9.12 notelist video.png

Version 2.9.11


This video shows the improved square-tube scanning feature in version 2.9.11 using a FARO ScanArm.

Vtl v2.9.11 squaretubescanningfaro video.png

Version 2.9.10


This is a short video that shows how the Laser Scan Filter sound helps you know when all laser scan data is removed by the scan filters.

Vtl v2.9.10. laserscanfilter sound.png

Video 85: Using VTube-LASER to Supply SOLIDWORKS with Data for Parametric Overlay

This video shows a workflow that allows you to reverse-engineer a Y-pipe sample into SOLIDWORKS. The workflow uses a parametrically-controlled template file in SOLIDWORKS that was created to overlay the scanned-in data for an approximate match. This is an advanced topic for SOLIDWORKS users that concentrates mainly on how it is possible to handle parametric control inside SOLIDWORKS with the help of VTube-LASER scanning.

Vtl 2.9.10 reverse-engineering Y pipe parametric overlay video.png

Video 84: Measuring Convoluted Tube and Wire with VTube-LASER

This video shows VTube-LASER's ability to measure extremely convoluted parts. This wire part wraps back on itself in several places, making it very challenging. Because VTube-LASER has scanning filters, it can measure this part with a wider laser stripe.

Vtl 2.9.10 convoluted tube and wire video.png

Version 2.9.9

Video 83: How to Use VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER to Setup and Correct a UNISON Bender

This video shows how to use VTube to setup and correct a Unison bender from model through finished part.

Vvtl 2.9.9 setup and correct a unison bender video.png

Version 2.9.8

Video 82: Using MTA x 3 To Measure Highly Deformed Exhaust Pipes

This video shows using a three-measure MTA (Measured Tube Average) feature to reduce the deviations due to deformation by 50% in a highly deformed exhaust pipe.

Vtl v2.9.8 mta3 video.png

Video 81: SOCO Bender Correction

This video was taken at the TFS open house in Elkhart, Indiana in May, 2018. It shows an actual bender correction and its result after one correction.

Vtube-laser v2.9.8 sococorrection.png

Video 80: TRAX Rail Arm Extender

This video shows a quick intro to the TRAX Rail system that extend the reach of a measuring center either 1800mm or 3500mm depending on the model.

VTube-LASER-TRAX Video1.png

Version 2.9.7


This video demonstrates how to export a report to an external network location.

This allows anyone with access to the network path to view VTube-LASER reports in a web browser.

VTube-LASER-V2.9.7 ExportHTMLReportToPath.png

Version 2.9.4

Video 78: VTube-LASER Corrects an SMT Bender

This video demonstrates the correction process between VTube-LASER and an SMT remanufactured VB300 bender. We use a ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner in this video.

Vtube-laser v2.9.4 smtcorrection video.png

Version 2.9.3

Video 77: Build Entire Assemblies to SOLIDWORKS

This video demonstrates how this version of VTube-LASER can build entire assemblies to SOLIDWORKS for you in less than a minute with the press of a couple of buttons.

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 swassembly video.png

Video 76: Use the Measured Tube Averaging (MTA) Feature for Super Accurate Measurements

This video demonstrates how the MTA feature can measure both sides of the same tube to create a measured tube average for more reliable tube shape calculation.

Arm used in this video: ROMER Absolute Arm 7325SI

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 mta video.png

Arm used in this video: FARO Quantum S ScanArm

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 mta video.png

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