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VTube-LASER Scan Score

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What is the VTube-LASER SCAN SCORE?

We invented the SCAN SCORE system as a way for users to score the performance of the last scan based on all previously stored historical data.

This feature is available in VTube-LASER version 3, released in July of 2020.

The Scan Score system is graded on a 100% scale. A score of 100% indicates that the scan was perfectly consistent with previous scans. Any score greater than 100% indicates that the cylinder scans were better than the historical average.

Vtl v3 ScanScore.png

How the Scan Score is Calculated

All the Cylinder Fit values from each completed measure are stored in the VTube-LASER project file and then used to create scores for each attribute on each straight.

The Overall Scan Score is the average of all these cylinder fit scores for each Cylinder Fit qualification attribute over time.

In the example on the right, the ovality measurement in the first straight was not quite as good as the historical average (80.5%). However, the Ovality score for the second straight was better than the average at 118.2%.

Vtl v3 ScanScore cylinderfitscores.png

The Scan Score Protects Users from Poor Scans

As the historical list of Cylinder Fit values grows, the scan score becomes more helpful.

If your overall score on the last measure is 75%, then it is reasonable to suspect that something is wrong with the last tube measure - and you should rescan the tube before accepting the measured data as certain.

In the scan score example shown here, we deformed the last straight section of a two bend part with metal tape in order to achieve this low score. The last straight fails the qualification in this measure. The low scan score is an indicator that the measure is poor and should not be accepted until you remeasure.

Scanscore testpart deformation.png

Vtl v3 ScanScore alignment 75.png

The Scan Score and the Alignment Window

The Scan Score is always display in the alignment window like this.

The score is calculated before alignment begins, so if the score is low, then you can press the Stop button before the alignment is complete to remeasure.

In this case, the score is very high because we forced the last measure to be very bad for this test. Historical measures that are bad will cause future measures to scan higher like this.

Vtl v3 ScanScore alignment supergood.png

See VTube-LASER Accumulating the Scan Score While Scanning

Click on the video image to see VTube-LASER scanning with the scan score display.

Scanscore vimeo.png

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