HEXAGON Absolute Arm Ethernet Setup (for the Scanner-versions of arms)

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Information about Ethernet connection setup for HEXAGON Absolute Arms

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See also RDS Versions for ROMER Scanners

About ROMER RDS (ROMER Device Software)

ROMER RDS (ROMER Device Software) is a software system that interconnects software like VTube-LASER to any HEXAGON measuring device that uses the RDS software.

See this page for details all the different arms that RDS can connect VTube-LASER to: RDS Versions for ROMER Scanners

Two Cables Per ROMER Arm

HEXAGON Absolute Arms (ROMER arms) with a scanner require two cables connected to the computer:

  1. A TCP/IP connection using an Ethernet cable is used to give feedback from the SCANNER.

  2. A USB cable connection is used to send the ball probe position.

You will need one open Ethernet port and one open USB port for the HEXAGON Absolute Arm connection.

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Recommended RDS Computer IP (Network) Setup

The newer RS4 ROMER power packs (on the back of the base of the arm) can automatically serve an IP address to the computer using DHCP.

In some cases, we found that this stops all internet browsing through other NIC ports. The way to overcome this is to discover what IP address the ROMER arm prefers for the computer, then FIX the IP to that address.

On our test computers the ROMER-preferred address is

For customers with active Software Maintenance Plans, if you need help with this, then please contact us and we will be happy to help you set this up.

RDS Computer IP Address.png

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