RDS Versions for ROMER Scanners

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Information about RDS (Romer Data Service) Versions and HEXAGON scanner versions

VTube-LASER HEXAGONRDS with AS1 Scanner.png


HEXAGON Scanner RDS (Romer Data Service) Driver Versions Supported

“RS” refers to “ROMER Scanner”
"RDS" refers to "ROMER Data Service"

The RDS versions are listed from newest to oldest.

  1. RDS 6.2.1 is tested and works well. Download from our support site
  2. RDS 6.2.0 is tested and works well. Download from our support site
  3. RDS 5.3.0 is tested and works well. Download from our support site
  4. RDS 5.2.0 is tested and works well.
  5. RDS 5.0.0 is tested and works well. This version is required for the 8-series of the HEXAGON Absolute Arms. These arms use RS5, RS6, and AS1 scanners. AS1 scanners are newer versions of RS6 - as HEXAGON is seeking to move away from using the word "ROMER" in its scanner names.
  6. RDS 4.2.3 is tested and works well.
  7. RDS 4.2.2 is tested and works well.
  8. RDS 4.2.1 is tested and works well.
  9. RDS 4.2.0 or newer should be used for scanner versions RS2, RS3, RS4, and RS5

NOTE: The RS1 scanner requires RDS 4.0 or 4.1 – but not newer.

HEXAGON Scanners Website

Romer Scanners Site

HEXAGON Scanner Support

According to HEXAGON, VTube-LASER can support any scanner supported by RDS directly, including...

This scanner is now referred to as the AS1 (formerly RS6). It is for series 8 7-axis arms only.

It is the best scanner that HEXAGON offers for measuring tube shapes. It is perfect for highly reflective parts or parts that change in color and reflectivity on the same surface. The unique SHINE technology takes three different exposures of each laser stripe to properly take in data from surfaces with different reflectivity along the stripe. This allows the scanner to act more like the more expensive flying dot scanners without the added cost.

HEXAGON RS6 Scanner.png

This scanner is the less-expensive red-line scanner for series 8 7-axis portable arms. It is best for parts with consistent surface reflectivity properties along the entire part because the camera chooses a single exposure for each stripe.

HEXAGON RS5 Scanner.png

  • RA7 7-axis Portable Arms with RS4 Scanners

ROMER Scanner Plus Hex Logo.png

  • CMS108 Scanners

ROMER CMSScanner.png

  • HP-L-20.8

  • RA7 and RA8 Portable Arms with HP-L-8.9 scanners

    This scanner is for attachment of a scanner on 6-axis arms. See the ROMER HP-L-8.9 website

  • For use on 6 axis arms.

ROMER HPLScanner.png

  • Leica Absolute Scanner for Long Distances
  • The LR model can measure a 10 meter volume.
  • The MR model can measure a 20 meter volume.
  • YouTube video of LAS


ROMER Ball Probe Support

All ball probe systems on devices that run through RDS are compatible with VTube-LASER.

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