RDS Versions for ROMER Scanners

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Information about RDS Versions and ROMER scanner versions

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ROMER Scanner Driver Versions Supported

“RS” refers to “ROMER Scanner”

  1. The RS1 scanner requires RDS 4.0 or 4.1 – but not newer.
  2. RDS 4.2.0 or newer should be used for scanner versions RS2, RS3, RS4, and RS5

ROMER Scanner Support

According to HEXAGON, VTube-LASER can support any scanner supported by RDS directly, including...

  • RSx Scanners

ROMER Scanner Plus Hex Logo.png

  • CMS108 Scanners

ROMER CMSScanner.png

  • HP-L-20.8
  • HP-L-8.9
  • For use on 6 axis arms.

ROMER HPLScanner.png

  • Leica Absolute Scanner for Long Distances
  • The LR model can measure a 10 meter volume.
  • The MR model can measure a 20 meter volume.
  • YouTube video of LAS


ROMER Ball Probe Support

All ball probe systems on devices that run through RDS are compatible with VTube-LASER.

How to Determine Your Current RDS Version

Left click on the System Tray icon.

Left click system tray icon.png

Right click on the measuring center icon.

Right click on the measuring center icon.png

Left click on About.

RDS left click on about.png

The RDS About window will display.

RDS About Window.png

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