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Build a File Filled with Cut Lengths from All Part Files in a Folder

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This CNC Bender utility program can extract the cut lengths from all the part files in a parts folder in batch mode.

The output file contains PART NAMES separated from CUT LENGTHS with a comma. One part is placed in each row. This makes the file compatible with programs like Microsoft Excel.

Tips for Use

  • Click on the yellow folder or the white paper to edit the contents of the folder or file boxes by browsing.
  • Adjust the output unit using the units spinner. (Either Millimeters or Inches)
  • The Open Folder buttons allow you to explore into the folders for either the parts or CSV file to build.
  • If the CSV filename is not valid, CNC Bender will ask you to rename it.
  • When the conversion is working, a "Cancel" button will appear on the right side of the file count, filename, data build section.
  • This utility can load CNC Bender part files from nearly any version of the part file - even part files 10 years old.
  • The delimiter is a comma.
  • There is never a space between the comma and the cut length that follows the comma.
  • The program maintains 8 places of accuracy after the decimal.

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