Safely Remove a USB Drive

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USB Flash Drive

It's a good idea to indicate to Windows that you want to remove a USB drive before pulling it out of the USB socket. Users that remove the devices without following the standard removal procedure discover later that the files or the drive has become corrupted.

Some drives have their own removal process (with custom software). You can use that software to safely remove the drive. Or, you can always click on the icon in the notification area (or system tray) that shows a small left green arrow.

This illustrates the process

STEP 1 - Click on the icon

Notificationarea remove1.jpg

STEP 2 - Wait for the bubble to pop-up showing choices to devices to disable.

Notificationarea remove2.jpg

STEP 3 - Choose the appropriate device with the mouse pointer and single click on it.

Notificationarea remove3.jpg

STEP 4 - Wait for a bubble to pop-up that reports it is safe to remove the drive.

Notificationarea remove4.jpg