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Bit Defender 2010

  • Fast
  • In novice mode, will automatically shutdown development software (Delphi). This is not good. You have to switch to advanced mode and tell it that the program is legit.
  • Shuts down (bombs) and reports error messages every day on multiple test computers - both XP and Vista. This makes it unusable.
  • Impossible to uninstall
  • Not recommended

Kaspersky 2010

  • Fast
  • Rather complex user interface
  • Interface will not allow a remote user to control the antivirus user interface(where a technician logs into another person's screen).
  • Never bombs
  • Upgrade through web sites is very confusing - just buy another year's license.
  • Uninstalls fine - just requires some reboots (no problem)
  • Recommended (our first choice)


  • Resets the FAT on one computer's drive - making it unusuable. The only way to recover is to completely reformat and reinstall Windows!
  • Not recommended (it is forbidden on Advanced Tubular computers)