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(Video 78: VTube-LASER Corrects an SMT Bender)
(Version 2.9.4)
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* View on [https://vimeo.com/256176430 Vimeo]
* View on [https://vimeo.com/256176430 Vimeo]
* View on [https://youtu.be/7XnF535Jfsw YouTube]
* View on [https://youtu.be/MMzyIxHi80w YouTube]
* View [https://www.advancedtubular.com/vtube-laser/vtl%20smtvideo.mp4 MP4]
* View [https://www.advancedtubular.com/vtube-laser/vtl%20smtvideo.mp4 MP4]

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See a complete list of VTube-LASER videos on this page.

Vtube-laser videos.png

Video Subpages Related to Specific Arms

Click on the images to enter the video subpages with videos for specific arms.

Vtube-laser video FARO.png VTube-LASER Videos HEXAGON ROMER.png VTL Videos MicroScribe.png

Latest Videos

Version 2.9.4

Video 78: VTube-LASER Corrects an SMT Bender

This video demonstrates the correction process between VTube-LASER and an SMT remanufactured VB300 bender. We use a ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner in this video.

Vtube-laser v2.9.4 smtcorrection video.png

Version 2.9.3

Video 77: Build Entire Assemblies to SOLIDWORKS

This video demonstrates how this version of VTube-LASER can build entire assemblies to SOLIDWORKS for you in less than a minute with the press of a couple of buttons.

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 swassembly video.png

Video 76: Use the Measured Tube Averaging (MTA) Feature for Super Accurate Measurements

This video demonstrates how the MTA feature can measure both sides of the same tube to create a measured tube average for more reliable tube shape calculation.

Arm used in this video: ROMER Absolute Arm 7325SI

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 mta video.png

Arm used in this video: FARO Quantum S ScanArm

Vtube-laser v2.9.3 mta video.png

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