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Cncv12procontrol withteachmode.jpg

CNC Bender is ready to LEARN when you're ready to TEACH!

Teach Mode allows you to Jog any axis or actuator into position while CNC Bender "watches" and remembers your move exactly as you performed it. Teach the bender your knowledge for difficult transitions between bends.

The power of Teach Mode shows with its ease-of-use. Actual reactions of new operators prove that this is an easy-to-learn Teach Mode system. (We've been told that our system is one of the easiest to learn and use.) Of course, that translates into time-savings and increased productivity over the long-haul.


    • Enable Teach Mode inside the options list for bend 1. (See Screen 1)

    • Power on and Cycle Start the bender

    • Press AUTO mode.

    • Activate the Teach button in the Control Mode bar. (See Screen 2)

    • Load and bend the part

    • After bend 1 is finished, the dies will open, and CNC Bender will enter STEP mode, and display the Teach Mode menu. (See Screen 3)

    • Using an SMT Teach Pendant or joystick, teach the bender up to 10 Custom Commands - each command can contain any number of simultaneous jog motions. (See Screen 4)
      SMT Teach Pendant

    • Exit the Teach Mode window and continue bending.


    • Teach in PreBend immediately after you chuck the part and press the run buttons.

    • Control extra moves in PostBend using the final bend's Custom Commands.

    • Three Jog Motion speeds: Fast, Slow, and Fine-tune

    • Absolute values for each axis is shown in the Custom Command Editor in real-time during Teach Mode

    • The distance from goal for each axis is tracked and displayed in real-time during Teach Mode

Cncv12 operatorstation customcommand.jpg

Screen 1: Enable Teach Mode individually for each bend

Screen 2: New TEACH speed button in the Control Mode bar

Screen 3: Teach Mode activates after a Teach Mode Section was encountered during bending

Screen 4: Custom Command Editor during Teach Mode

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