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  • A Jog Motion is a motion for a single axis or actuator that is stored in a Custom Command for use by Teach Mode if you choose to teach the bender. (See Screen 1)

  • Custom Commands begin without any Jog Motions (See Screen 2) Add a Jog Motion using the Add a jog motion button

  • Now the Jog Motion exists, but it is unassigned or empty. Click on the Jog Motion name cell to select a Jog Motion. (See Screen 3)

  • Jog Motions are selected from the Jog Motion Selection menu by touching the Jog Motion name cell in a Custom Command menu (See Screen 4)

  • Jog Motion values can be entered using a keyboard, or entered using Teach Mode

  • Multiple Jog Motions can be stored in a single Custom Command. When they are combined in a single Custom Command, then CNC Processor runs them all at the same time.

Screen 4: Select a Jog Motion from the Selection menu
Screen 1: Three Jog Motions in a Custom Command - All three run at the same time.
Screen 2: An empty Custom Command (no Jog Motions present)
Screen 3: Click on an unassigned (empty) Jog Motion cell to select a Jog Motion

Jog Motion System Configuration

  • The existence of a Jog Motion in the CNC Bender user interface is completely configurable.

  • You can add or edit your own Jog Motion or remove the existing Jog Motions from the user interface using a single configuration file.

  • You can even rename the Jog Motion name (or translate the motion to another language).

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