How To Enter LRA Data to Calculate XYZ in VTube

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Vtube-laser logo 1.96.png

1) Clear VTube-LASER.

2) Enter the Part Setup information – like Part Number, diameter, radius. The radius value is important because it is used in the calculation of the XYZ data.

3) Enter the Master Tube information – set the point number (Bends + 2)

4) Enter the LRA values from the MiiC data. Do not let the mouse point leave the LRA grid until you are finished with the entry.

5) Either press the Reverse button above the LRA grid, or move the mouse pointer to the Viewport.

Vtl v2.9.18 swoopintoviewport from LRA grid.png

6) VTube-LASER will ask if you want to reverse calc. Say YES.

Vtl v2.9.18 ReverseCalcFromLRAgrid.png

7) VTube will ask if you want to calculate the Cut Length. If you have entered a cut length in part setup already, then you can just say No. Or you can let it recalc the cut length too.

Vtl v2.9.18 ReverseCalcFromLRAgrid CutLengthCalc.png

8) Save the project.

9) Go to step 1.