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Cncv12procontrol withteachmode.jpg

  • Custom Commands store the moves learned during Teach Mode

  • A single Custom Command can contain any number of simultaneous Jog Motions.

V12teachmode buildcustomcommand.jpg

  • In a SINGLE Custom Command, you could teach the bender how to combine any number of axes and actuators into one motion.

  • Every BEND stores up to 10 custom commands. For example, a 5 bend part could have up to 60 additional Custom Commands. (10 in PreBend and 50 for the bends. The last bend's Custom Command is used for PostBend.)

  • Each Bend's Custom Command changes how the bender works after that bend when transitioning to the next bend.

Cncb12frb customcommands button.jpg


    • Select the "Edit Custom" button of the bend's Custom Command you want to create or edit (See Screen 1)

    • Select one of the ten available Custom Commands (See Screen 2)

    • Setup the Custom Command selected in the Custom Command Editor (See Screen 3)

    • Exit to the FRB menu

    • Press AutoBuild

    • Run the bender


    • Custom Commands can be MANUALLY entered and edited without the bender running in Teach Mode.

    • Or Custom Commands can be edited even after they were built using Teach Mode.

    • All Custom Commands are stored in the part file that contains the part data.

Example actuators that could easily be put in a single Custom Command:

Feed Axis
Rotate Axis
Vertical Radius Shift
Horizontal Radius Shift
Bend Axis
Mandrel Retract
and Kicker Advance
Any actuator

Screen 1: Select one of the Edit Custom buttons a bend in the FRB page
Screen 2: Custom Commands List Selection

Screen 3: Custom Command Editor

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