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Cncv12procontrol withteachmode.jpg

Type of Upgrade: MAJOR VERSION CHANGE with Teach Mode

The changes in this version take CNC Bender to the next step in setup power: TEACH your bender how to solve problems.


V12teachmode buildcustomcommand.jpg

SMT Pendant for Teach Mode


Check.jpg NEW - TEACH MODE

CNC Bender is ready to LEARN when you're ready to TEACH!

Teach Mode allows you to Jog any axis or actuator into position while CNC Bender "watches" and remembers your move exactly as you performed it. Teach the bender your knowledge for difficult transitions between bends.

The power of Teach Mode shows with its ease-of-use. Actual reactions of new operators prove that this is an easy-to-learn Teach Mode system. (We've been told that our system is one of the easiest to learn and use.) Of course, that translates into time-savings and increased productivity over the long-haul.

See the Teach Mode page to read more about Teach Mode.

Screen 1: Enable Teach Mode individually for each bend

Screen 2: New TEACH speed button in the Control Mode bar


  • A single Custom Command can contain any number of simultaneous Jog Motions. In a SINGLE Custom Command, you could teach the bender how to combine any number of axes and actuators into one motion.

  • Every BEND stores up to 10 custom commands. For example, a 5 bend part could have up to 60 additional Custom Commands. (10 in PreBend and 50 for the bends. The last bend's Custom Command is used for PostBend.)

  • Each Bend's Custom Command changes how the bender works after that bend when transitioning to the next bend.

Cncb12frb customcommands button.jpg

See the Custom Commands page to read more about Custom Commands.

Screen 1: Select one of the Edit Custom buttons a bend in the FRB page
Screen 2: Custom Commands List Selection

Screen 3: Custom Command Editor


The main menu was completely redesigned to make the menu buttons easier to find quickly.

The new v12 main menu in CNC Bender ProControl


The servo jog panel was redesigned so that identifying the axis that you are about to move is clearly displayed on the screen. When axis is selected, the jog panel appears. No other axes can be selected until the jog panel is closed.

This increases safety by hiding the jog buttons until the operator selects an axis. Once an axis is selected, it is not possible to select another axis until the jog button panel is closed with the left blue arrow.

See the images below to demonstrate how the disappearing jog panel works.

The new v12 servo page after axis selection

V12 servojogpanel step 001.jpg

V12 servojogpanel step 002.jpg

V12 servojogpanel step 003.jpg

V12 servojogpanel step 004.jpg

V12 servojogpanel step 005.jpg

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