Why VTube-LASER Reduces Data to Centerlines

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  • Why does VTube-LASER reduce data to centerlines?

VTube-LASER AssemblyOverModel.png


VTube-LASER always automatically reduces each straight scanned to a centerline and then compares measured centerline data with the master.  This has been the method used in the tube-fabrication industry for decades because fabricated tube shapes are always defined using centerline geometry.  So, the goal of VTube-LASER is to always reduce a measured profile, whether it be cylinder or rectangular, to a centerline for qualification and bender data calculation.

Before it reduces the straight to a centerline, VTube-LASER always calculates important metrics that help the user gauge how well the surface data fits to the centerline. Not only does it qualify each cylinder straight fit to a centerline, but the process always gives a calculated diameter and the surface profile of the scan.