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Revision 2.3

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png


This Update is Important For...

  1. Customers that use springback compensation of any form in VTube
  2. Customers that use tube elongation percentage to predict cut length and unbending lengths
  3. Customers that experienced image draw problems in the REPORT window
  4. Customers that communicate with benders in the Bender Setup page.

Check.jpg FIX: Tube Image Display and Refresh in the Report Window

  • The Automatic Image Refresh checkbox state was not properly remembered and restored between program loads/unloads. This has been fixed.

  • The refresh image logic has been updated to handle slower computers that don't clear the window fast enough to draw the image properly.

There seems to be a wide variance in computer graphics performance among customers. If your computer still has problems refreshing the tube image properly in the report window, please let us know by sending a sample screen image of the issue.

Vtube v2.3 reportwindow imagerefresh.png

Check.jpg NEW: Press Enter to Set Point Count

Users like to press the Enter key after entering the point count in the XYZ grids, so we've allowed for that action VTube.

When entering a value in the Point Count box and you press the ENTER key, VTube automatically presses the SET button for you.

Vtube v2.3 enter sets point count.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Increase Maximum Point Limit from 102 up to 202 (200 Bends)

One customer had parts that required over 100 bends, so we increased the maximum number of bends allowed in VTube to 200.

Note: Use the most powerful computer you can when the bend count is high. For drawing models with more than 100 bends we strongly recommend an engineering-workstation level computer.

Vtube 2.3 200bends.png

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: Blank White Cells Replace Dashes and Zeros

The grid interface is now cleaner than in previous versions. Previous versions would show zeros for the end point radii, and also dashes in LRA cells that are not used.

This has been changed so that all of these cells are now blank.

This implies that nothing goes in these cells - and prevents new users from thinking they have to enter data in those cells.

Vtube 2.3 blankcells xyz lra.png

Check.jpg FIX: Springback Compensation Issues Repaired

If you use springback compensation in VTube, then this upgrade is important for you.

When VTube-LASER calculated springback into bender values, it incorrectly doubled the springback values. This has been repaired.

Also, the springback-compensated LRA values would display in the MASTER LRA grid. This was never the intent of the calculation, so this has been fixed by adding a second grid with Springback-Compensated LRA data.

Vtube 2.3 springback report.png

Check.jpg NEW: Springback-Compensated LRA Grids

We've added new grids of LRA data:

Both VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER now have Springback-Compensated grids in the Tube data, Master Tube data, and the Measured Tube data menus.

Also, the new grids have popup menus that allow you to copy any part of the grid.

Vtube v2.2 springback grid popupmenu.png

VTube uses the FIXED and PROPORTIONAL springback variables in the Part Setup menu to calculate the springback compensated values in these grids.

If the proportional or fixed values are NON-ZERO, then you will see compensated values in these new grids.

Vtube-step v2.2 springback compensated grid.png

Check.jpg NEW: Multi-Elongation Percentage Compensation Setup

VTube-LASER now allows each bend to have a unique tube elongation percentage - which is used to calculate correct CUT LENGTHS and UNBENDING LENGTHS

Use the popup menus in either the PART SETUP or the XYZ grids to get to the setup window.

Vtube v2.2 XYZpopup multielongationsetup.png

A new checkbox is added at the bottom of Part Setup to allow this feature to be activated.

Vtube v2.2 partsetup multielongationsetup switch.png

If the checkbox is unchecked, then the single Tube Elongation % value is used to calculate elongation for all bends.

Vtube v2.2 multielongation setup window.png

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: Springback Compensation Calculation in the Outgoing Bender Data Is Now Optional

This feature adds springback compensation into the outgoing LRA data. In previous versions it was not optional.

For some benders (for example, the Eaton Leonard Lightspeed) this addition is NOT recommended because this causes the springback to be added by both VTube and the bender. This doubles the compensation - which is incorrect.

If you're not sure if you should use this option, then test how your bender uses the springback compensation values by entering non-zero Springback values in VTube's Part Setup menu, then send data with this feature activated. If the bend values display with the overbend doubled, then you know that the control handles the springback compensation automatically.

Vtube-laser v2.3 add springback compensation.png

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: Keep the Previous Custom Default Setup During Upgrades

If you've made changes to your default settings, you will want to skip installing a new set of configuration files. This version allows you to skip the installation of new configuration files with new choices in the installation file.

In addition to updating the main program files, you can now also control installation of:

  • Initial Configuration Files
  • Sample Files
  • Language Files
  • Report Templates

For example, if you changed the default setup in any way, then you should skip the installation of initial configuration files. VTube can run fine with older configurations.

Vtube-laser v2.3 installation configuration.png

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: Communications Buttons Disable During Communications

Previous versions of VTube-LASER would allow for an accidental multiple button presses in the middle of communications with a bender.

This multiple-press during communications can cause the communication to fail.

This was changed so that buttons are disabled once communications begin, and then re-enable when communications are finished.

Vtube-laser v2.3 communication buttons disable enable.png

Check.jpg NEW EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE: Scan to Point Cloud

We are opening this experimental feature to our users. This Scan to Point Cloud feature is embedded in the Tube-Cylinder measurement feature.

With this feature, you can scan any shape into a point cloud and then save it the file "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\pointcloud.txt".

This file can be imported into solid modelling programs like SOLIDWORKS.

The image on the right shows the scanning result of a mouse.

To use this feature, you can use these setup values:

  • Use the Cut Plane to filter out table points.

  • Set the Cylinder Stripes Per Measure to 2000. (It may be necessary to increase the Maximum Number of Stripes Per Straight Allowed in VTube System Options - Measure 2 tab.)

  • Set the Maximum Number of Points Allowed in Cylinder Stripes to 2000.

  • Set the Cylinder Scan Data Proximity Filter to 0.010 inches or higher. This will control how dense the point cloud saved is.

  • To start measuring, use UNISCAN Tube-Cylinder, then set the number of straights to 1. Take an end stripe anywhere, then start scanning the object. Then press Save Point Cloud to File. If the point cloud is very dense, then saving may take a few minutes.

Vtube-laser v2.3 experimental scanning to cloud.png

Check.jpg NEW: Reset Point Labels in XYZ Data with Popup Menu

This feature was available in VTube-STEP in previous versions, but has been added to VTube-LASER in this version.

If you reverse the point order, then you will also reverse the point labels in the MASTER and MEASURED XYZ data.

If you want them to be ordered from low to high after a reverse, then you can use this new popup menu feature do handle the reset.

Vtube-laser v2.3 popup pointreset.png