VTube-LASER v2.1.2

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg

Revision 2.1.2

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Improved Graphics

  • Perspective projection is much improved.

  • Point labels drawing has improved logic and is much faster.

  • Auto Zoom is much smoother than before.

Vtube-laser 2.1.2 hvac with points.png

Check.jpg NEW: STEP Export is Faster for Large Models

The export speed on large models is now several times faster than in previous versions.

If you export STEP files, then this is an important update for you.

Vtube-step-2.1.2 stepexport.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Path Manager

The Path Manager is displayed whenever a file load or save operation is about to happen. It allows you to persistently save important paths to a list of paths for easy access in the future.

  • The Path Manager now shows the operation for which it as asking you to choose a path.

  • The Path Manager is now used for all Import and Export features.

  • New Path Manager buttons have been added for new features, and re-arranged for easier use.

VTube PathManager ActionContext.png
Vtube-step-2.1 PathManager Closeup.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Automatically Export STEP to SOLIDWORKS

Vtube-step-2.1 STEP Export SolidWorks Import.png

Now automatically send an exported STEP file to SolidWorks.

Vtube-step-2.1 STEP Export SolidWorks Import SolidWorksScreen.png

Check.jpg NEW: User Interface Changes

VTube Project Filename Box

  • There is a new current VTube Project filename box in the upper left corner. This box now shows the entire path of the current project file, so that there is no doubt about which file will be saved if you press the Save button. The text in this box can be selected and copied to the clipboard.

Pulldown Menu

  • The pulldown menu no longer stays open on the screen after a project load.

  • The pulldown menu now immediately updates the most recently used file list when you SAVE a new project.

Vtube-step-2.1 longprojectfilename.png

Check.jpg NEW: Handles International Floating Point with Commas

VTube-LASER can now handle non-decimal formats of floating point numbers during measurement. This allows floating point numbers that use commas to work in VTube-LASER.

Vtube-2.1 floatingpoint format.png

Check.jpg NEW: System Option Folder Icons

The new icons in System Options help you know where each value is stored - either as a GLOBAL value for all projects, or as a UNIQUE setup for every project file.

Vtube folder gear.png Gear Folder Icon

This folder indicates that the value is stored in the persistent configuration file. This means that the value will be the same for all projects.

Vtube folder cubes.png Cubes Folder Icon

This folder indicates that the value is stored in the project file. This means that the value can be unique for all projects.

Vtube-2.1 systemoption foldericons.png

Check.jpg NEW: MAJOR Features Added to STEP Mode

STEP mode has these two new features:

  • Unbend any bend.

  • Select solid model components and unbend them with tube straights.

See VTube-STEP v2.1 for details.

Vtube-step-2.1 unbend balloons.png
Vtube-step-2.1 unbend rectangular complete.png

Vtube-step-2.1 unbend model2b complete.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • CONFIGURATION PATH CHANGE: The VTube configuration file location was in "c:\ProgramData\VTube", but this caused issues for some customers with computers using restricted rights. Now it is moved to the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\Config" folder - which is open for all users with multiple Windows logins.

  • APLINE M4 EXPORT CHANGE: The Alpine M4 Export now includes springback compensation with overbend in the bender data if the springback checkbox is selected.

  • VIEWPORT CHANGE: The DELETE key can now delete selected models from the screen. (Only F12 would delete models in previous versions.)