VTube-LASER v1.96

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Revision 1.96

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: LASER Scan Handling is FASTER

The logic for handling incoming scan data is optimized to be faster than in previous versions.

This creates less of a bottleneck during scanning - even when the point count is very high.

Faro v6 scanning mirror.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The Number of Maximum Stripes and Points Per Stripe Were Increased for the FARO LASER Scanner v6 Increased Output Capacities

The FARO version 6 LLP has much higher point count output capacities than the previous versions of the scanners.

This version of VTube can handle all the points that the v6 can send.

Faro v6 scanner pointing at viewer.png

Check.jpg NEW: Realtime Display of Scanned Points

This is the first version of VTube-LASER to display the points as it scans.

Taking in scanned points is a very intense activity for the computer. So, built-in logic senses when the operator pauses input for a second, then draws a culled (reduced) set of points on the screen as representative of the entire cloud scanned.

This feature works for both LASER and TACTILE measurements.

This feature also works for SPLIT BEND scans.

How To See Realtime Scanned Points'
To use this feature, scan some stripes, then let up on the green button. You will see the stripes scanned displayed on the screen in about a second. Then continue scanning. Any time you want to see what you scanned, just release the green button to pause the scanning, and the new data will display zoomed fully to the screen.

Vtube-laser 1.96 scanned points viewport.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: DRO Now Shows STRIPE Count AND Total POINT Count at the Same Time

Previous versions will only show the STRIPE count during laser scanning.

This version will show both counts during Laser scanning.

Vtube-laser-1.96 dro.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Point Labels Draw More Efficiently

The point labels and end labels now draw more efficiently than before in both VTube-LASER and VTube-STEP modes.

Now they only draw after the orbit pauses. This makes orbiting much faster.

Also, the label redraw logic was fixed during part load so that the user no longer has to manually redraw the part to fix the label positions.

Vtube-laser-1.96 point labels.png

Check.jpg UPDATED: Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish Translations Updated

All the language files are updated for VTube.

This update includes the new button hints for buttons that have no captions.

The GERMAN translation for the toolbar buttons is too wide, so only the GERMAN hints for thoses buttons displays.

Vtube-laser-1.96 Japanese.png

Check.jpg CRITICAL FIX: Split Bend Scanning for 180 Degree Bends

If you use split bend scanning then this is a critical update for you.

A split bend measurement would not complete properly in UNISCAN mode. This has been repaired.

Vtube-laser-1.96 SplitBend.png

Check.jpg FIX: Corrected Automatic Remeasure of the Straight After a Split Bend Measure

Automatic remeasures on a straight just after a split bend measurement would not work unless you moved back TWO steps preceding the requested measurement.

This has been repaired so that you can now safely follow the guide box suggestion of remeasuring the current straight.

Vtube-laser-1.96 SplitBend Straight.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The Measurement Complete Box Will No Longer Show the Alignment Choices If No Master Data Exists

When no master data exists, then there is nothing to align the measure tube to.

In this case, the Measurement Complete window shows a message that explains that no alignment choices exists, and makes the alignment buttons invisible.

This is the menu you would expect if you are reverse-engineering a part.

Vtube-laser-1.96 MeasureComplete.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The UNISCAN a DIAMETER Control Allows You to Toggle the LASER Scanners

The toggle LASER button is now available for measuring diameters.

This allows you to toggle from LASER to TACTILE style measurements on the fly.

Vtube-laser-1.96 MeasureDiameter ToggleLaser.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The Guide Messages During Measuring Are Improved for Claritys

The messages inside the tube measure control have been improved. For UNISCAN, it would say "measure 1 of 1" - which too vague.

Now it reads the more helpful "Measure Straight then Press Red Button".

Vtube-laser-1.96 MeasureStraightThenPressRedButton.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Backup Mode Now Works with Both Laser STRIPES and TACTILE Points

Backup mode didnt'work with LASER scans in previous versions. Now it does. The mode, if used, will clear ALL the stripes in the buffer for rescanning.

When this occurs, you will see the stripe count and point count in the DRO reset to zero, and the points in the viewport will clear.

Vtube-laser-1.96 RedButtonBackupMode.png

For TACTILE measurements, the Backup Mode will delete ALL points in the buffer. (In previous versions, it would delete only the last point.)

We determined that it was better to just delete all the points and start over if a measurement required the Backup Mode.

Check.jpg FIX: Clearing a VTube project will also clear the Import Excel Grids in the Import Excel XLS Window

The grids in this menu were never cleared with the project clear. This has been fixed so that they clear to an empty grid.

Vtube-1.96 clearImportXLSgrid.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • When the backup mode is being used, and there are no more points to delete, then a new "no more points" sound occurs to indicate an empty point buffer.

  • This sound also indicates that the red button is no longer able to do anything more.

  • VTube-STEP uses significantly improved math logic to import models with crude diameters.

  • The installation program now defaults to installing the Windows version of open dialog rather than the Quick Load dialogs. Most customers prefer the Windows dialog. (The Quick Load was designed for the shop floor environment.)

  • The VTube user interface has a slightly updated look to the controls.

  • Components would not display the new language loaded until after VTube was restarted. This has been fixed.