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Revision 1.94

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The TUBE DATA STORAGE feature is a major addition to VTube-LASER. It can permanently store the current tube data at any time as a date/time-stamped copy.

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage.png

Tube Data Storage Main Features

  • VTube automatically saves the date-time stamped tube data at alignment after a measure.

  • VTube allows you to copy the current tube data into storage at any time.

  • The complete alignment and deviation data is also stored - so you can even compare the deviation data from multiple tube sets in the Expanded grid or in Excel or Word.

  • Values stored are:
    • General Part Setup Data
    • MASTER tube data
    • MEASURED tube data
    • MEASURED Aligned tube data

  • We've tested VTube with hundreds of stored tubes. The Tube Data Storage menu reports the number of parts in memory, and the amount of memory the parts consume.

Check.jpg NEW: Toolbar Button - Tube Data Storage

Enter Tube Data Storage with the toolbar button at the top of the VTube-LASER screen.

Vtube-laser 1.94 tubedatastorage toolbar button.png

Check.jpg NEW: Tube Data Storage Menu

The new Tube Data Storage menu allows you to view historical time-stamped part measures. The data can be combined into one expanded grid for export to Word or Excel. This is useful for GR&R studies because it takes VTube only a few seconds to combine scores of selected historical tube data sets.

Screen Controls 1

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage datacontrols1.png

Screen Controls 2

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage datacontrols2.png

Expanded Grids with Deviations for Multiple Parts

The expanded grids can hold multiple parts (whichever part is selected with checks in the Tube Data Storage) so that all the deviation data is in one large grid.

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage expanded tangents.png

Export the Part List

Export the entire part list to Word or Excel.

Use this report as a cross-reference to the deviation data reports - to know exactly which parts are in the deviation reports.

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage export partlist.png

Copy Any Part Set Back Into VTube for Reanalysis

Copy any single tube set back into VTube in order to perform any VTube operation on the historical data. For example, take a tube data set measured a month ago, copy it back into VTube-LASER's main memory, then test it with a different alignment methods and print reports of the results.

Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage copytube into vtube.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • When VTube performs an alignment, it will now automatically switch to the Tangent point deviation menu to show tangent point deviation changes in real-time.

  • The Intersection Deviations now update in real-time during a best fit. Switch to this menu any time during the alignment to see the numbers change.

  • A new "array_xyz_int_dev" parameter for report templates allows for 3D deviations to display in reports.

  • VTube now stores up to 10 undo states.

  • The undo action now refreshes the screen in VTube-LASER to clearly show that Undo just occurred.

  • Expanded grids no longer remove the previous Windows clipboard data when transferring.

  • All the Tube Data Storage memory was added to the VTube project file structure so that it always stores the data to the VTP files.