VTube-LASER v1.93

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Revision 1.93

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

Check.jpg NEW: Import CSM M3 Bender Files (VTube-STEP Mode)

Vtube-step-1.93 csm m3 import button.png

(The VTube-STEP mode is included with VTube-LASER.) VTube-STEP can now import CSM M3 bender files.

  • Import the centerline XYZ data.
  • Or import the YBC data.

Vtube-step-1.93 csm m3 import radiobuttons.png

  • Other values imported are:
    • Diameter
    • Wall Thickness
    • Pre Length (Start Length)
    • End Length
    • Cut Length
    • Pipe Material Note

Vtube-step-1.93 csm m3 importfeature.png

Check.jpg NEW: Added the Default Tolerance Value in Part Setup

Some output formats prefer to have a default tolerance built into the export, so now the Default Tolerance value is included in the VTube-LASER Part Setup menu.

Vtube-1.93 DefaultTolerance PartSetup.png

Check.jpg NEW: Added to the Popup Menu to Synchronize End Diameters with Main Diameter

The pop up menus for the Part Setup menu (STEP and LASER modes) now allow for the end diameters to be synchronized with the main diameter.

Vtube-1.93 SyncEndDiametersPopup.png

Vtube-1.93 EndDiametersAfter.png

Check.jpg NEW: Previous Paths List in Quick Open

The Quick Open dialog now has a pull-down list that shows all the recent previous paths used to load VTube project files or imported solid model files.

Click on the previous path to use, and the folder tree on the left will open the new folder.

Vtube-1.93 PreviousPaths.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Updated the Chinese translation.
  • Updated the German translation.