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Revision 1.91

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

Check.jpg NEW: Use Leapfrog To Measure Tubes Longer Than the Arm's Reach

The new Leapfrog feature allows you to measure any length of tube by measuring three or more conical calibration targets, leaping the targets with the FARO arm, then measuring them again - then continuing measuring from where you left off before the leap.

See VTube-LASER Calibration-Leapfrog-Move Targets for information on Advanced Tubular targets.

A leap can occur at any point during any tube measurement.

Leapfrog moves are more accurate than using the "Move Tube" command because they rely on more precise conical seats.


Vtube-lasesr-1.91-leapfrog points before leap.png

Vtube-laser targets ballprobe.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-leapfrog illustration.png

Vtube-lasesr-1.91-leapfrog points after leap.png

Check.jpg NEW: Redesign for XYZ INTERSECTION Inspection Values

  • Tolerances are now PLUS or MINUS rather than just a single value.

  • The "Out of Tolerance" value can now be displayed alongside the deviation value.

  • The "Out of Tolerance" value is color-coded for pass/fail.

  • The new expanded grid (see below) shows the MASTER and ALIGNED XYZ intersection points.

The data shown on the right is from the new Expanded Grid (see "Expanded Grid" section below).

Vtube-laser-1.91-xportion expanded grid.png

Check.jpg NEW: Redesign for XYZ TANGENT Inspection Values

  • The new expanded grid (see below) shows the MASTER and ALIGNED XYZ tangent points.

  • The "Out of Tolerance" value can now be displayed alongside the deviation value.

  • The "Out of Tolerance" value is color-coded for pass/fail.

The data shown on the right is from the new Expanded Grid (see "Expanded Grid" section below).

Vtube-laser-1.91-tangent expanded grid.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-tangent expanded grid zcols.png

Check.jpg NEW: Expanded Grid Window for Inspection Data, Send to MS Office

The XYZ Intersection deviation and the XYZ Tangent point deviation values can now be displayed in the Expanded Grid window.

  • Show all the possible data, including XYZ master and XYZ aligned data in one wide grid.

  • Copy the grid to the clipboard.

  • Automatically send the grid to Word or Excel if they are available on your system.

  • The tolerance cells can also be edited in the expanded grid window.

Vtube-laser-1.91-xyzint grid output office.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-expanded-xyz deviation grid.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-expanded xyz intersection deviation edit tolerance.png

Check.jpg NEW: XYZ Intersection +/- Tolerance Values in Printed Reports

The new XYZ Intersection deviation values are included in reports:

  1. plus tolerance values
  2. minus tolerance values
  3. out of tolerance values

Vtube-laser-1.91-report xyz intersection deviation output full.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-report xyz intersection deviation output.png

Check.jpg NEW: Tangent Values in Printed Reports

The new XYZ tangent point out of tolerance values can now be included in reports:

Vtube-laser-1.91-tangent report.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED and NEW: Alignment Feature Changes

FEATURE 1 - ALIGNMENT ENGINE: Fixes and Significantly More Powerful

The automatic end weighting Best Fit alignment method is significantly improved:

Deviation Values Displayed in Progress Window Are Corrected

Previous deviation values were incorrectly high because they referenced the wrong set of data. This has been repaired.

VTube uses these values to determine if the alignment is complete. You can also use these values to stop the alignment early. The best alignment to that point will be given to VTube-LASER.

Vtube-laser-1.91-currentdeviations display.png

Deviations Now Displayed in Real Time

Each iteration of the deviations are shown in real time in the Inspection Data menu. Watch the grids change rapidly as the engine tries new alignments.

Vtube-laser-1.91-realtime deviations.png

New Added Alignment Engine "Seeking Precision Level" Display

The progress window shows the goal precision level the engine is seeking for. For example, if the Automatic Alignment Stop value is 0.75 and the tolerance is 0.059, then the progress window will show "Alignment Engine seeking precision level of: 0.044" (0.75 x 0.059).

The goal precision is used in decision making during automatic alignments. If all tangent deviations are equal to or less than the goal precision, then alignment stops immediately. This makes automatic alignment much faster potentially.

Vtube-laser-1.91-goalprecision display.png

Alignment Engine "Maximum Iterations" Display and Logic

The current iteration and possible maximum iterations for finding the best alignment is now displayed in the progress window.

  • The "Maximum Iterations" is the number of alignments that VTube has set aside to potentially compare.

  • If 100 iterations passes with no improvement to the Average Tangent Deviation" and the Highest Tangent Deviation values, then alignment stops immediately to save time.

Vtube-laser-1.91-maximumiterations display.png

FEATURE 2 - MEASURE COMPLETE WINDOW: Measurement Complete Dialog REDESIGNED with Alignment Choices

This new measurement complete dialog gives you more choices than before. It no longer assumes that you want to use the current default alignment method.

You can choose from any one of the available alignment methods in this dialog.

Vtube-laser-1.91-measurementcomplete dialog.png

FEATURE 3 - INSPECTION DATA MENU: Alignment Button Displays Alignment Method Selected

The Inspection Data recalculate alignment button now displays the currently selected alignment method.

This fixes a problem where users had to guess the alignment method when recalculating the measured to master alignment.

Vtube-laser-1.91-alignmentbutton caption.png


The Automatic Alignment Stop value in the Inspection Data / Alignment menu is renamed to make it more understandable: "Automatic Alignment Stop at Deviation Multiplied Against..." is the new name.

Vtube-laser-1.91-alignment stop caption.png

Check.jpg NEW: Direct Communications with Eaton Leonard Premier, EL2000, and Ve-log Benders

  • VTube now communicates with the older Eaton Leonard Premier, EL2000, and Ve-log controls.


El premier 001.jpg

Check.jpg Enhanced: Project Batch Report Output

  • We added a second type of report per a customer spec.
  • The reports are now built to both comma delimted and tab delimited files.
  • The reports can be sent directly to Excel.

Load the batch reporter in the Report menu of either STEP mode of LASER mode:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report button.png

Vtube-1.90-project batch report output.png

This is a sample report file:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file1.png

If the batch reporter finds files with 0 or negative length straights, then it will issue a WARNING at the end of the report log and create a second report file containing a list of all the project files with these lengths:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file2.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • IMPORTANT Fix to bug in END TRIM/EXTEND distances in the inspection reports. Sometimes the direction would be inverted. This has been resolved.

  • Now you can click on the scanner control labels to load the FARO Scanner control window.

  • VTube will automatically set the wall thickness to 0.001 inches or 0.025 millimeters when the value is set to zero during VTube-STEP solid model centerline calculations.

  • Now you can press the Enter key to close the information dialog.

  • The FARO calibration dialogs now show either Inches or Millimeters

  • Comments display in a dialog during project load

  • The Scanner Control settings are stored in VTube project files. In order for the scanner setup to be transferred into the arm, it is necessary to pull the arm from the cradle before the setup is transferred. VTube will ask you to move the arm when it is important.

  • The USB FARO driver icon is now displayed in the toolbar at the bottom of Windows.

  • The "Clear text" button in the editor box works again.

  • VTube now warns if you attempt to align tube shapes using the 321 PLP mode without having performed a 321 PLP setup.

  • Previous versions of VTube culled out many points for display. This version of VTube now draws all laser points measured on the screen. This gives the operator a better idea of the laser coverage during measurement - which is a significant indicator of measure quality.

Vtube-laser-1.91 click label load scanner control.png

Vtube-laser-1.91-321plp imcomplete setup.png