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Revision 1.88

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Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT and FIX: VTube Ball Probe Logic for Newer FARO Drivers

In November of 2013, FARO drivers were updated to work with the new FARO Edge ES scanner. This new driver made changes to the way ball probe data was returned to VTube-LASER. Sometimes ball probe data would be returned as all zeros. At other times, it could be returned as data that was scanned in previous measures.

This update fixes the problem encountered with the new drivers.


Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: More Robust UniScan Ball Probe Measurements

The measure method used to separate the UniScan ball probe measurements is improved. This new method allows VTube to establish a more precise estimated starting vector for the internal cylinder fit math engine.

In this version, VTube-LASER will now assume that the last three points of a straight cylinder surface will be the furthest three points from the first points taken on the cylinder.

Follow these simple steps to use this new method:

1 - Take three points at one end of the straight.
2 - Take three points at the other end of the straight.
3 - Press the red button.

In UniScan mode, you can take as many points as you would like in between the two sets of three points.

The minimum number of points in UniScan is 6.

You can start at either end of the straight, as long as you finish at the other end of the same straight.

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Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: Ignore Red Button Press with ZERO Points

When no points are present in the buffer, then the red button press will be ignored. The process will not be allowed to move forward.

This avoids accidental red button presses.

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The DRO now reports the number of STRIPES rather than the number of POINTs when in laser scanner mode. This lets you know exactly how many stripes have been scanned on any straight or end - in order to allow you to decide if enough stripes are in memory before pressing the red button for early completion.

  • The SEND SUCCESS window will now close if you exit the Bender Data Setup window.

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