VTube-LASER v1.87

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Revision 1.87

Vtube-laser 1.87 mainscreen.png

Check.jpg NEW: Fast UniScan Scanning Method

UniScan is a new measurement technique that makes measuring easier, faster, and more precise.


The new feature encourages a large stripe count in each straight by asking the operator to take a single sweep of the straight. If the operator wants to take multiple back-and-forth sweeps (like spray painting), then this is simple to do also.

View the update video inYouTube

Vtube-laser-1.87-uniscan buttons.png

Check.jpg NEW: Project Open QuickLoad Window

An alternative QuickLoad window makes loading project files easier. It increases the font size and reduces the number of clicks to get to a file. It also has a search box that allows you to drill down in file searches quickly.



Check.jpg NEW: Cylinder Laser Spike Filter

This filter automatically removes spikes in cylindrical laser stripes.

When measuring highly reflective tube, the points returned from the part of the diameter that is closest to the laser scanner on the FARO arm can spike away from the diameter. This filter recognizes that possibility and removed any data that spikes away from the curve before it is given to the math engine.

Vtube-laser-1.87 cylinderlaserspikefilter menu.png

The filter options are in the bottom of the LASER tab in the Measure Setup menu.

Vtube-laser-1.87 cylinderlaserspikefilter.png

Check.jpg NEW: Automatic Remeasure At Measure Error

Vtube-laser-1.87 automaticremeasure.png

Previous versions of VTube would always ask for the user to answer questions in a dialog when cylinder fit errors occur. This new version of VTube can automatically ask the user to remeasure if the new switch in System Options:Measure 2 menu is switched on

Vtube-laser-1.87-automaticremeasure guidebox.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Added Radius Handling for Winton ECNC4 Benders

Winton bender.jpg

The Winton ECNC4 data now handles the radius value during communications.

Vtube-1.87-WintonECNC4 Radius.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The default path folders in the VTube-STEP Export windows are now properly stored for use next time.

  • A new Work Order field is added to the Part Setup menu.

  • The low level Benderlink setup grid (in Measure 2 of System Options) now stores bender names that were edited properly.

  • The SVNET Success window now automatically hides after a few seconds.

  • XYZ grids now update when part transformations occur.

  • Fixed initial project load state. VTube no longer asks for permission to clear the project if there is no change to memory after initial state.

  • VTube will now allow a MEASURED tube to be built to SolidWorks even when there is no Master XYZ data.

  • It is now possible to insert an XYZ row in the XYZ data if there are zero points.

  • The Point Count boxes now properly increment or decrement when an XYZ row is inserted or deleted.

  • VTube grids can now be selected and copied and output when the Lock Grids is active.