VTube-LASER v1.86

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Revision 1.86

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Check.jpg ENHANCED: Bender Number Stored in Project

Vtube-laser 1.86 BenderNumber.png

The bender number selected for communications is now stored in the project file for recall later. The assumption is that a given part is often bent on the same bender.

Check.jpg NEW: Project Open and Save Path is Stored

The most recently used project file open and save paths are now stored and used for future open and saves.


Check.jpg ENHANCED: Measure Process Menu Reorganized

To help ease the workflow in VTube-LASER, the Measure Tube-Cylinder panel is moved to the top of the Measure Process menu.

Vtube-laser-1.86 measureprocessmenu.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Straight Count Controls Moved to Setup Menus

Sometimes the workflow to set the straight count before measuring was confusing, so now these controls are moved out of this menu and into separate windows that appear after operators press the scan buttons. They appear like this:

Vtube-laser-1.86 setuptubecylindermeasure.png


Check.jpg ENHANCED: AddisonMckee Mark IV EXTENDED Communications


Some AddisonMckee Mark IV benders require that its custom teach mode data be returned in the communication data during an automated bender correction from VTube. For benders that require this data during corrections from VTube, if this data is not found by the control, then a small message box will appear with a message that the incoming data is not AddisonMckee Mark IV data, and the correction data will be ignored.

To solve this problem, VTube-LASER now takes in and stores this data during a RECALL from the bender. When VTube sends corrections back to the bender, it includes this custom data in the transmission. This means that a RECALL is required before corrections are made to this kind of control.

  • If the Mark IV data is available, then a new tab menu appears next to the correction grid in Bender Data Setup.

  • This tab menu shows the AddisonMckee custom data. It can be read but not modified.

  • Be sure to perform a RECALL from the AddisonMckee before attempting to SEND corrections. This will ensure that this data is stored and returned to the bender at correction time.


Check.jpg NEW: Other Bender Data Setup Menu Changes

  • A new CLEAR the Adjustment is added to allow operators to clear the Adjustment Grid.

  • A new CLEAR the AddisonMckee Mark IV enhanced data button is added.



  • The AUTO SEND buttons now send the the MASTER XYZ with the BLUE COLUMN LRA data automatically.


Check.jpg Other Changes

  • More optimizations were performed on internal timers - making VTube faster.

  • Changes were made to the interface to clear up the potential for orphaned windows in Dell M6700 laptops. For example, when the LASER mode window displays, the STEP mode window is now made invisible.

  • VTube-LASER Bender Data Setup is quicker to return an error message when it any network connection no longer exists. Previous versions could lock for minutes.

  • COMMENT Editor Window: The "Cancel Changes" button now works inside the Comment editors.

  • The VTube splash screen now loads and displays before VTube starts loading.