VTube-LASER v1.85.1

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Revision 1.85.1

Vtube-laser 1.81.4.jpg


Check.jpg ENHANCED: Added PLUS and MINUS tolerances for End Lengths

Vtube-laser-1.85.1 endlength posneg tolerances gridcloseup.png

Some qualification specs have unique tolerances for positive and negative lengths, so we added + and - tolerances for the end lengths.

  • The End Length grid in the Inspection menu has minus as well as plus tolerances in the grid.
  • The tolerance envelopes in the graphics viewport shows both the positive and negative tolerances with transparent cylinders that run in both directions.
  • The Inspection report template includes the + and - values in the End Length reporting.

Vtube-1.85.1 endlength plusminustolerance envelopes.png

Vtube-1.85.1 endlength plusminustolerance.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: SolidWorks Builder - End Offsets Added

The SolidWorks tube builder can now:

  • Build extruded diameter offsets at the ends of the tube.

Vtube-step-1.84.1 buildsolidworks negativeoffset.png

Vtube-step-1.84.1 PreSolidWorksPart.png

Vtube-step-1.84.1 buildsolidworks positiveoffset.png

Check.jpg FIXED: Memory Leaks

A few heavy-use customers were reporting that the Alignment feature, if used for hours repeatedly, would eventually cause a lock to the software. We discovered that VTube would eventually run out of Windows memory if used for extended periods of time because several additional megabytes of memory was used but never released during each alignment.

This has been fixed so that all leaks are plugged - and VTube releases the memory.

While checking the Alignment feature, we also examined all other areas of memory use, and found other smaller leaks that are now repaired.

  • Large memory leaks were repaired for the Alignment feature.
  • Smaller memory leaks were repaired in other areas of VTube also.

This fix can be proved by running the Task Manager Performance menu, and viewing the "Available" memory value during an alignment.



Check.jpg ENHANCED: Repaired and Improved Benderlink Setup Menu

We discovered issues with the Benderlink Setup menu, where edited data was not always stored after it was changed in the grid. This has been repaired. All data entered is saved.

Also, the Benderlink Setup menu is redesigned to be easier to use than before.

  • Double-click on the PATH cell to select a path.
  • Click on any cell to select and edit the value.
  • Resize columns
  • Form is now maximized by default
  • Changes made are saved to disk when closing the menu


Check.jpg ENHANCED: Improved System Options Menu

The System Options menu is changed:

  • There is no longer a "Cancel" button
  • The setup inside System Options is always saved to file when closing this window. There is no now way to accidentally cancel the changes.


Check.jpg NEW: Export Dialog Windows With Configurable Paths

  • New Export dialog windows are now present for every type of file export with new features.

  • Persistent Export Paths: Every type of export now has its own unique output path setting that is remembered in the VTube persistent local configuration file. This allows you to set a unique path for your common exports. As long as the path continues to exist, VTube will never forget to use that path as default for export for that file type.

  • Display Data in Notepad++: VTube can automatically display the file created in Notepad++ after it is exported.

  • Template File Edit: For export styles that require a template file for merging exported data to, VTube allows operators to edit the file before exporting.

Vtube-step 1.85 exportwindow transfluid.png

Vtube-step 1.85 exportwindows.png

Vtube-step 1.85 exportfile notepaddisplay.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Timer inefficiencies that could bog down systems were optimized. The result is that VTube now runs faster than before.

  • Several of the support packages that install with VTube are updated: FARO driver (for new ES scanner), Notepad++, Cute PDF driver, GhostScript, HASP hardware key driver, and the Keycheck utility.