VTube-LASER v1.82

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg

Revision 1.82

Vtube-laser 1.81.4.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Measure Rectangular Tube

VTube now measures rectangular and square tube shapes with the laser or ball probes.

Vtube-laser-1.82 rectangulartubes scanneddata.jpg

  • FILLET EDGE DETECTION:The laser scanning feature includes edge detection in order to remove the fillet from the plane calculations. In this image, see how VTube detects edge fillets and removes them automatically from the calculation of the planes.

  • TRUE CENTERLINE LOCATION: The process and logic automatically calculates the location of the centerline from the true surface data. The nominal width data is not needed to find the centerline.

Vtube-laser-1.82 rectangulartubes aligned.jpg

Vtube-laser-1.82 rectangular scanneddata closeup.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Automatic Build to SolidWorks

VTube can now automatically build a parametric 3DSketch tube in SolidWorks. VTube uses automation features to become the user and draw the part in SolidWorks 3DSketch, then sweep the diameter and shell the part is a wall thickness value is greater than zero.

If SolidWorks is not loaded, then VTube will attempt to load SolidWorks first. If SolidWorks is already open, then VTube will create a new part in a new window automatically.


Vtube-step-v1.82-VT2SolidWorks tubesonly.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Intersection Point Inspection Grid

VTube has a new XYZ intersection point inspection grid in the Inspection menu.

The grid is wider than the panel that is displayed on. Use the horizontal scroll bar to view the entire grid. This is a sample of the left side of the grid:
Vtube-1.82 xyzintersection inspection grid.jpg

This is a sample of the right side of the grid:
Vtube-1.82 xyzintersection inspection grid 3d.jpg

Vtube-1.82 xyzintersection inspection grid entire screen.jpg

Vtube-1.82 xyzintersection inspection grid whole menu.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENTS: Bender Setup Adjustments and Menu Changes

These two changes are made to bender corrections:

Better Adjustment Calculation Handling

  • Previous versions would always recalculate the LRA adjustment values when loading the Bender Setup menu. This was problem because the LRA adjustment values could never be manually adjusted or cleared by the user. Now the adjustment values are calculated only when a new measured tube is created.

  • The adjustment values in the Bender Setup screen are now stored in the project files. This means that the values will be retained between sessions. You can clear the adjustments, and they will stay zeroed until a new measured tube is created.

New "Copy Master Part Setup Values" Button

This button allows you to update just the part setup values in Bender Setup without changing the LRA bender data.

Vtube-1.82 bendersetup copymasterpartsetup.jpg

Vtube-1.82 bendersetup.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Updated Viewport Background Interface

The new interface uses a blue gradient background for a better viewing experience.

Vtube-1.82 screen viewport.jpg

Vtube-1.82 screen.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Overbend Calculator is now integrated into VTube. The values are now always updated and transferred back to VTube as they are entered in the Overbend.

  • Fixed default radius bug for single straight tubes.

  • Repaired the End Label delete when tube is cleared. (The End Labels did not always clear from the screen when the tubes were cleared or turned off.)