VTube-LASER v1.81.5

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Revision 1.81.5

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Check.jpg FIX: Point Label Balloons Erase and Refresh Issue


This revision fixes an ERASE / REFRESH issue we discovered in v1.81.4.

Vtube-laser-1.81.4 graphicpointlabels.jpg
Vtube-laser-1.81.4 reportswithlabels.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Language Editor

The Language Editor is much enhanced.

  • The Editor now displays larger on the screen.

  • The FORM rows (that list the form names) should never be changed, so the Language Editor sets these rows to green, and does not allow users to change them.

  • Column A can no longer be edited - because it should never change.

  • A new Cell Editor now displays on top of the editor when you select a cell and press Enter, or double-click any cell.

  • The Cell Editor is more powerful and easier to use than typing directly into a the cell.

  • Translators no longer have to use
    elements to break to the next line. The Cell Editor will automatically create those for you.

Vtube-1.81.5 languageeditor.jpg