VTube-LASER v1.81.4

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg

Revision 1.81.4

Vtube-laser 1.81.4.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Graphic Point Labels in the Model


  • The new graphic point labels display on the tube model.

  • They show the end labels and the intersection point labels in balloons that surround the part.

  • The graphics labels are now included in reports.

  • The label fonts can be controlled in the new Parametric Tube control window.

  • Each point label can be edited.


Vtube-laser-1.81.4 graphicpointlabels.jpg
Vtube-laser-1.81.4 reportswithlabels.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Graphic Model to Clipboard in Popup Menu

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.clipboard popup.jpg

  • Right click to copy the current image to the Windows clipboard.

  • Paste the bitmap into any Windows program that can accept bitmap images.

Vtube-laser-1.81.4 clipboard to word.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Datum Setup and Reporting

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.datumgrid closeup.jpg

  • Select a datum point in the datum grid with the new point selector by clicking on the Datum grid.

  • The datum is used for reporting distances from the selected datum to other points when the part is aligned to the master.

Vtube-laser-1.81.4 datum report.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Parametric Tube Control Window

  • The Parametric Tube controls are removed from the Entity window and placed in a new Parametric Tube control window.

  • New controls were added: model smoothness, point label font control, point scale

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.parametric tube control.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Lock Grids for Multi-Cell Selection

  • This feature grid editing to be locked or unlocked.

  • Locking the grid allows you to select multiple cells for copying the data to clipboard, or pasting data into the grids from the clipboard.

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.grid multicell selection.jpg

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.lock grids.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Use Previous Value

  • This is a small green arrow above the XYZ grids that allows you to use the previous value by clicking on the green down-arrow.

  • When there is no possible need for the previous value, the green arrow disables like this:

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.usepreviousvalue downarrow disabled.jpg

Vtube-laser-1.81.4.usepreviousvalue downarrow.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Commands in the Grids Popup Menu Copying to and from the Windows Clipboard

  • New popup-menu controls allow you to copy grid values to the clipboard.

  • You can copy in standard tab separated data, or in HTML format.

  • Sample HTML paste from clipboard of demo part 2:
Pnt X Y Z Radius
1 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
2 2.962 0.661 1.912 2.000
3 6.005 -1.394 2.783 2.000
4 10.015 -0.477 5.388 2.000
5 6.437 -3.185 11.586 2.000
6 9.776 -2.476 13.803 2.000
7 13.228 0.236 7.674 2.000
8 15.697 3.106 10.252 0.000

  • Data that is pasted into VTube should be tab-delimited (values separated by tab characters)

Vtube-laser-1.81.4 copy xyz to clipboard.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: NEW Bender Setup Features for Bender Communication

  • The Bender Setup menu uses a new collapsible-style office menu on the right side for extra room for new commands.

  • Bender Setup can now send Blue Column data to the bender + FULL springback compensation for first-time setup.


Vtube-laser-1.81.4 bendersetup.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Built-in Excel XLS Language Editor

  • VTube now has a built-in language editor window.

  • The window can import and export Excel XLS files.

  • VTube now uses XLS files as the language files (the old VTL format is no longer used).

  • Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German translations are included with this version.

  • Load and edit any of the languages.

Vtube-1.81.4 languageeditor.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • VTube now stores the orientation of the tube model in the viewport in the project file.

  • Supravision bender output did not include the last radius value in the Supravision file. This is repaired.

  • Multiple presses of the "Copy Master LRA" button in the Bender Setup menu no longer increases the blue column data be the adjustment data.

  • When saving output to the Winton ECNC4 format, the filename is now automatically set to the current part name.

  • When creating a PDF file, the word "VTube-" is no longer inserted at the beginning of the filename. The filename is made up of the part number alone (appended with PDF).

  • The "Custom" point selection in the spinner is no longer allowed for the Point Alignment Selection window, since alignment points must be based on points along the centerline points on the tubes.

  • The reports window now updates properly when moving from a long report to a short report.

  • Language files are now XLS files that can be edited in any Excel spreadsheet.

  • To simplify configurations, we've changed VTube so that configuration files are now stored in a Public folder. Every user has access to the same configuration on any system. See VTube Configuration Folder Location for more information.