VTube-LASER v1.81

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Revision 1.81

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New Winton ECNC 4 Bender Setup and Correction

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Winton bender.jpg

  • This version can read and write ECNC version 4 offline program files.
  • Every value that can be setup in ECNC can also be setup in VTube-LASER.

Winton ecnc 4 screen.jpg

Vtubelaser winton ecnc 4 wholescreen2.jpg

Vtubelaser winton ecnc 4 screen.jpg

New Separate Report Template Setup for STEP and LASER

  • Previous versions had identical setups in both modes.
  • Some report templates are only appropriate in LASER because LASER handles inspections.
  • Now the setup of each is stored separately.

New Supravision Project Wall Thickness Import/Output

  • Previous versions did not save the wall thickness
  • This version imports and exports the wall thickness value.

New Supravision Project Qualification Tolerance Envelopes Import/Export

  • This version now imports and exports these values:
    • Default Qualification Envelope Tolerance
    • A End Length Qualification Tolerance
    • B End Length Qualification Tolerance
    • A End Angle Qualification Tolerance
    • B End Angle Qualification Tolerance

New Inspection Grid Row Count Control

  • VTube now controls the INSPECTION grid row count with the MASTER data row count rather than the MEASURED data row count.
  • This allows the grid to be populated even if the Measured data is cleared.

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