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Revision 1.77.4

Vtube-laser 1.77.4.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Pulldown Menus

Vtube 1.77.4 pulldownmenus.jpg
VTube now has pulldown menus.

The menus are also floating because they can be pulled off the pulldown and moved anywhere on the screen during the current session.

Vtube 1.77.4 floatingmenu.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Recent Project List in the Pulldown Menus

Vtube 1.77.4 recentprojectfileslist.jpg

Recent Projects can be reloaded with one click from the File pulldown menu.

Check.jpg NEW: Real "Save" Command Distinct from "Save As..."

Vtube 1.77.4 save saveas.jpg

VTube now allows you to save the current project without having to supply the current filename again. Hit the blue disk, and VTube will save the data without any interruption.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Best Fit - Automatic Weighting Algorithm Logic Redesigned

The Best Fit Automatic Weighting alignment type logic was redesigned to follow better logic for finding the best end-weights automatically.

The new logic gives priority to an orientation with fewer tangent points out of tolerance - rather than the orientation with the lowest average deviation.

The reason for this approach is that a tube shape orientation that fits very well in only part of the tube is not as helpful as the same tube re-oriented to so that all the points have higher deviations - but are all within tolerance.

Vtube 1.77.4 inspection points.jpg

Vtube 1.77.4 alignmentimage.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Best Fit - Deviation to Tolerance Ratio and Accelerated Alignment

Now in Best Fit - Automatic End Weighting alignment, as the deviations between MASTER and MEASURED data shrink - so do the number of iterations that VTube will take to align the measured tube. Tube shapes that are well within tolerance will align faster with Automatic End Weighting than tubes that are out of tolerance.

To allow VTube to accelerate alignments for tubes that are well within tolerance VTube now allows you to choose the Deviation to Tolerance ratio in the Best Fit grid in order to help the Best Fit engine to know what deviation range you consider good enough for a solution.
Vtube 1.77.4 bestfitautoweight closeup.jpg
Vtube 1.77.4 bestfitautoweight.jpg

The ratio can be set from 0 to 1 as a floating point. If you set the value to 0.5, then the Best Fit engine will consider any deviation that is 50% of the tolerance to be good enough to be considered a good solution for the best alignment orientation.

Other examples:

  • D/T ratio = 1.0, then any deviation that is equal to or better than the tolerance qualifies.
  • D/T ratio = 0.25, then any deviation 25% of the tolerance qualifies.
  • D/T ratio = 0.00, then the Best Fit engine will run through all the steps regardless of how well the alignment fits.

Other notes:

  • The default value is 0.25.
  • This feature only applies to the Best Fit with Automatic End Weighting.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Better Feed Back Progress during Best Fit - Automatic Weighting

Two new progress dialogs show better detail during automatically weighted best fit alignment. The top dialog shows that VTube found alignments with at least one orientation with zero tangent points out of deviation.

Vtube 1.77.4 bestfitauto progressbar1.jpg

The second dialog shows the current best deviation found.

If the deviations are good enough, then the operator can press the Stop button, and VTube will keep the best orientation it found to that point.

Vtube 1.77.4 bestfitauto progressbar2.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Hardware Key Information Window

Vtube 1.77.4 hardwarekeyinformationwindow.jpg

The new hardware key window will show the details of your license found in the hardware key that enables VTube to run.

The command to display the window is inside the new Help pulldown menu.

Check.jpg NEW: Close VTube from LASER Mode

Vtube 1.77.4 close in pulldownmenu.jpg

You can now close VTube from the LASER mode.

Check.jpg NEW: Low Level User Interface Value: Maximum Recent Files

Vtube 1.77.4 maximumrecentprojectfilecount.jpg

Use this to control how many files display in the Recent Project list in the pulldown menu. The default is 10 files.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Allow the Drawing of ZERO Value Radii

Vtube 1.77.4 zerovalueradius.jpg

VTube can now draw a zero-radius bend in the model with displaying an error.

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