VTube-LASER v1.77.3

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg

Revision 1.77.3

Vtube-laser 1.77.3.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: View Orientation Control Redesigned

Vtube 1.77.3 vieworientation closeup.jpg

The View Orientation Control has new choices with graphics icons of each axes orientation.

You can click on the button or the image to find a new orientation.

Vtube 1.77.3 vieworientation.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Diameter Model End Lengths Change Based on New "End Adjustment Length" Values in Part Setup

Vtube laser 1.77.3 EndLengthShortened Closeup.jpg

When the A-End or B-End Adjustment Lengths change, then the diameter model lengths change automatically at the next redraw. This does not change the centerline end point location.

Vtube 1.77.3 EndLengthShortened.jpg

Check.jpg REPAIR: The Cut Length Calculation with Non Zero End Adjustments Is Repaired

Vtube endlength cutlength partsetup.jpg

The End Length Adjustments values are no longer doubled in the Cut Length calculation.

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