VTube-LASER v1.75.3

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Revision 1.75.3

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Check.jpg NEW: Added To View Control Pane - Only Recently Measured

The Only Recently Measured check box is added to allow only the last few measured items to display on the screen. This allows VTube to zoom in on the most recently measured part of the tube when refreshing the graphics window.

Vtube-laser OnlyRecentlyMeasured.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: In Measure Setup - "Automatic Closeup of Last Measure"

This allows VTube to handle the Only Recently Measured feature automatically during measurement.

This speeds up the redraw, and allows the operator to confirm that the last measure was good by magnifying that last object measured.

VTube-LASER Automatic Closeup.jpg

Check.jpg FIX: Report Window

VTube now remembers the last Automatic Image Update state in the Report window.

VTube-LASER ReportWindow.jpg

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