VTube-LASER v1.73

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Revision 1.73

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Check.jpg ENHANCED: Fine Tune for FARO Edge ScanArm

The FARO Edge uses a different scan rate than the older arms. VTube-LASER was adjusted to work with the FARO Edge arms.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Cut Plane Offset Reset

The Cut Plane Offset can now be changed without remeasuring the Cut Plane.

Vtube-laser cutplaneoffset changeoffet v1 73.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Cut Plane Offset Value

The Cut Plane Offset Value is now displayed above the Cut Plane icon.

Vtube-laser cutplaneoffset displayoffet v1 73.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Split Bend Model Display

New Split Bend model geometry is included on the screen when measuring split bends in order to visually verify the calculations.

Vtube-laser splitbend model geometry.jpg


A new chart is included in the inspection report that shows the lengths between intersections for both the MASTER and MEASURED as well as the Delta between the two.

Vtube-laser intersection staight length report.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • A graphics model memory leak was repaired where project files continued to grow in size every save and load. This change makes loading and saving much faster in VTube.

  • The Split Bend math logic was improved.

  • New confirmation menus for when pressing STOP or CLEAR the measure process. This prevents accidentally canceling measuring processes.

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