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Revision 1.71

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Check.jpg NEW: Transparent Envelope Models

VTube now draws transparent envelopes that help operators visualize in tolerance or out of tolerance parts relative to the envelope.

Vtube-laser envelope.jpg

Vtube-laser envelope in and out.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: End Length and End Angle Tolerances

The end lengths and end angles now have tolerances.

Vtube-laser endtolerances.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: End Length Report Chart and Tolerance Colors

  • We've added a new end length chart on top of the inspection data (TP-MP-TP) chart.
  • The fonts are now colored based on tolerance pass-fail.

Vtube-laser endlenchart.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The DRO Is Now Always Active

Users asked us to make the DRO (Digital Readout) always active - even when laser points were not being scanned. This helps us know that the arm is connected and returning values.

Vtube-laser dro2.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Envelope Tab Menu

The new Envelope tab menu controls the envelope model setup.

Vtube-laser envelopetab.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Changed the look of all grids to use Windows 7 style cells.
  • The master model in STEP mode will no longer continue to double itself.
  • New super-fast scanning sound that is directly tied to the incoming laser scans and tactile points.

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • No known issues

Other Pages

VTube-LASER Training Video - How to perform effective end scans.

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