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Revision 1.69

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Check.jpg ENHANCED: FARO Arm Measure Setup

Measure Setup allows operators to control three more FARO windows. It also shows all the current FARO arm and probe data in a grid below the setup buttons.

Vtube-laser measure setup 1 69.jpg

Important changes given to us be users has been incorporated. For example, during calibration, Measure Setup has been changed to automatically re-display the Probe Menu after a calibration has been completed. (This is the standard approach that operators expect during calibration.)

All forms of calibration choices in the Probe Menu are now enabled in this version.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Arm Values Can Be Added to Reports

Many report value fields were added to the report logic. These fields can show the arm and probe calibration and accuracy values. Add these to any report or use them to create a custom report.

Vtube-laser report values 169.jpg

This allows the current state of the arm to be printed with the report - proving that the arm was calibrated during measurement.

Check.jpg NEW: Cut Plane Question Reminds Users To Consider Cut Plane

Vtube-laser cutplane question.jpg

VTube now asks if you intend to establish a cut plane immediately after the arm is connected to VTube-LASER.

Check.jpg NEW: VTube-LASER Programmer License Mode

This new mode allows customers to purchase a license of VTube-LASER for programming VTube-LASER projects remotely where there is no need to connect to the FARO arm.

The license price for Programmer mode is significantly less expensive.

Vtube-laser programmer mode.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Transfluid fails to load the diameter and radius values if the values use more than two places of accuracy beyond the decimal. So now VTube is careful to use only two places of accuracy beyond the decimal for those two values.
  • VTube can now correctly import a Transfluid file as MASTER data.
  • The arm as mouse speed is now controlled in the FARO hardware configuration menu - not in VTube-LASER System Options as in previous versions.

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • No known issues

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VTube-LASER Training Video - How to perform effective end scans.

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