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Revision 1.66

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Check.jpg NEW: Save Project Changes Dialog

Vtube-laser screen 1 66.jpg

VTube now tracks if the project has changed and needs to be saved before opening a new project or closing the software.


Check.jpg NEW: In-Process Bend Correction

Vtube-laser 1 66 bendangletransfer.jpg

The new Bend Angle Transfer menu allows VTube to correct bends while still in the bender.

  • The bender forms a bend. This menu is loaded from the Data Transfer menu in VTube-LASER.
  • The clamp opens and the bender pauses.
  • The operator moves the FARO arm next to the bender and measures the single bend.
  • The bend angle is transferred to the Bend Angle Transfer menu.
  • The bend angle is sent to the bender control.
  • The bender control uses the data to close the clamp and adjust the bend angle.

The process is continued until the bend angle is within tolerance. The workflow is identical to measuring a single bend off the bender.

Vtube-laser 1 66 bendangletransfer wholescreen.jpg
Vtube-laser 1 66 bendangletransfer datatransfer.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Many users never change their HTML templates to remove the temporary graphic logo, so the program is now installed with a blank white logo in that space. This makes the reports more usable out of the box.

Vtube-laser report nologo.jpg

  • We added a new video on YouTube that shows how to use the Bend Angle Transfer in correcting in-process bends - while the tube is still in the bender.

Vtube-laser youtubevideo bendangletransfer.jpg

  • Some Windows setups do not allow VTube-LASER to store data in the generic "ProgramData" folder, so we changed VTube so that it again uses the personal login folders to store program data.

c:\ProgramData\VTube changed to
c:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\VTube

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • Some of the stop measuring buttons would not stop the measuring

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VTube-LASER Training Video - How to perform effective end scans.

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