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Revision 1.65

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Check.jpg NEW: Radius Correction for Push-Bending

Vtube-laser 1 65 radiuscorrection.jpg

The radius correction menu allows VTube-LASER to correct push-bends on Unison Limited benders.

The menu will send data directly to any bender that can read our radius transfer files. The menu can be accessed from the Radius Stripe Scan menu.

Vtube-laser 1 65 radiusstripescan sendradius.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Bender Setup Changes

Vtube-laser 1 65 benderdata.jpg

The Bender Setup window has a new easier-to-view color scheme.

  • ORANGE Columns are NEW ADJUSTED data to be sent out to the bender.
  • BLUE Columns contain the current bender setup before adjustment.

The bend setup grid has a new column for inverting rotations that are sent out to the bender. This allows for sending the rotation the opposite direction - then remembering the inversion for next time the project is run.

Vtube-laser 1 65 invertrotations.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: New Torus-fit Engine for Radius Stripe Scanning

The new radius stripe scanning method is more accurate as of this version of VTube due to a new torus-fit engine included in VTube.

Vtube-laser 1 65 radiusstripescan.jpg

Vtube-laser radius stripe scanning.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Bender Data + Corrections Data Chart in Reports

A new bender chart was added to the report template to include the bender data + corrections chart

Vtube-laser 1 65 benderpluscorrections.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Report Preview Menu

The Report Preview menu now allows you to change the printer and the paper orientation before printing.

Vtube-laser 1 65 reportpreview.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Measure Setup - Laser Probe Grid

The Laser probe grid now has a separate checkbox for automatically enabling either laser or tactile measuring for radius stripe scans.

Vtube-laser 1 65 radiusstripescansuselaser.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Measure Setup - Scan Rate Grid

The Scan Rate grid now has a separate controls for radius stripe scans.

Vtube-laser 1 65 radiusstripescansscansrate.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • A bug was found and removed from the MOVE command.

  • The System Options menu allows you to browse directly into support folders from inside VTube-LASER.

  • VTube-LASER now uses the "All Users" or "ProgramData" folders to store configuration data for all users of the FARO computer. This solves problems for companies that require that each user login to Windows with their own permissions setup.

  • The Winton Machinery bender protocol was enhanced so that it automatically loads a template if no data is present in memory when an operator is ready to send data to the bender.

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • No known issues

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VTube-LASER Training Video - How to perform effective end scans.

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